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Writing Across the Curriculum/
Writing in the Disciplines
for Faculty & Staff

WAC Study

The Writing Across the Curriculum program at the College of Staten Island is conducting a study on the challenges, motivations, and experiences that students at CSI have in regards to writing assignments in their coursework. The aim of this research project is to better understand students’ relationship to writing and to use this knowledge to see how writing pedagogy can be effectively applied and best utilized as a learning tool throughout the college’s many disciplines. We would like permission to interview you about your experiences with college-level writing.

The goal of this project is to see learn more about students’ experiences with college writing. We are interested in hearing about students’ writing process: how they prepare for assignments, how they feel while doing them, what they want/get from grades and comments, as well as what they think are the benefits and drawbacks of different kinds of writing assignments.

We will be presenting the results of this study later in the semester; please check your email for an announcement regarding the presentation date.