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Writing Across the Curriculum/
Writing in the Disciplines
for Students

 Switch to a different way of writing or
 writing location.

Approaching writing in a way that feels different from your normal method may feel less like writing, and therefore easier.

If you usually type, try writing by hand for a bit instead. I suspect that part of the reason this method works so well for people who usually type is because you partially focus on writing the letters, and partially focus on what you’re actually saying. This is really useful for when you’re feeling like your brain is all jammed up and your inner critic is ripping every sentence you almost put on the page. Sometimes, overthinking everything we want to write keeps us from writing at all. If you try to write by hand, you might find that it borrows just enough brainpower to keep you from being too critical of what you want to write. This is also a really good way to get away from the temptation of the internet.

Switching to a different writing location can do something similar. Sometimes, my desk just feels too serious. This is the reason I can’t write in a library: the place makes my skin crawl because it is just so serious! If I already have tons of pressure crushing down on me, and I want the paper I’m working on to be amazing, I sometimes have to change up my routine to keep from pulling my hair out. In cases like this, the local bagel shop, the laundromat, or a park can be a great place to get your writing on track.

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