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Writing Across the Curriculum/
Writing in the Disciplines
for Students

 Finding Your Writing Mojo

Good writing requires about 5% intelligence. The other 95% is attitude, habits, and scheduling. Tracy began writing a guide of good writing practices for students at CSI with learning disabilities, then realized most other students aren’t aware of these practices either (!), so we’re making it available to everyone.

The following excerpts are taken from “From Procrastination to Productivity: Writing Strategies for Students with (and without) Learning Disabilities and ADHD” written by Tracy E. Robey with the CUNY-College of Staten Island Office of Disability Services and Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines Program. Click here to download the entire PDF for free.

Habits For Productive Writing

Researchers tell us that the following habits can help us self-program our brains for getting the most out of our writing time. The purpose of these habits is to establish some writing momentum. Just like runways for jets need to be clear to allow them to take off, getting your writing runway clear can help you have really productive work sessions that you can feel good about. When you feel like you’re on a roll with writing, it gets easier and easier to make the time for doing it and getting started.


Tips for Managing and Scheduling Your Time


The Writing Process