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Writing Across the Curriculum/
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Many great writers claim that they write just like everyone else, but they produce astounding work because they’re really good at revising. “Revising” means a lot of different things. Here’s some of what counts as revision:

  • Checking your sources
  • Looking at how your paper is organized
  • Comparing your essay to a rubric
  • Comparing your essay to a model essay
  • Checking the arguments of each paragraph
  • Writing the story of how you get between the paragraphs to make sure that your organization is solid
  • Proofreading

As you can see, revision covers a lot of things, many of which involve more than just patching up surface errors.  That said, you still need to proofread your work, even when you make bigger changes to sentences and paragraphs. This is why it is smart to allow plenty of time to revise.