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Writing Across the Curriculum/
Writing in the Disciplines
for Students

 Use Rituals to Help You Start Work

I’d suggest doing some rituals that take just a few seconds to do that signal to you that it is time to start work. These seem to work best if they’re physical—moving an object, for example. Instead of looking at my three favorite websites, I plug in my flash drive with all of my notes and papers on it. Once the drive is in, its almost like I can’t help but start work. Getting your sense of touch (plugging in the flash drive), smell (smelling the tea you associate with writing), taste (having a bite of your favorite power snack), or sound (hearing the kitchen timer go off, letting you know it is time to start writing) involved in the process of beginning can help you get over the hump of wanting to get going in theory and actually putting your first words on the page.

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