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 Go on a technology diet.

A lot of folks check a series of news and social websites before getting started with writing, but I find that it is so easy to get completely sidetracked if I do that. I’m just not able to control my web browsing enough to go there. Its like going to Shake Shack while on a diet—things are going to end badly. I’ve set up a news reader account (I use Google Reader) that saves all the stories from my favorite websites for me in one place so that I don’t have to worry about missing something. That lets me forget about the internet and get working so that I can get done with work faster and get on to the things I really love. Computer programmers have created some plug-ins for the internet browsers Chrome and Firefox that let you block certain websites or block you from the internet altogether after a timer you set goes off. This article explains one way to do this: Other people set just a kitchen timer that signals to them that it is time to stop browsing and start working. The key to not letting stuff distract you from writing isn’t to focus more; its not putting yourself in the way of temptation. If you don’t struggle with shutting off the phone, text, and web from time to time, I’m really, really jealous!

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