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Writing Across the Curriculum/
Writing in the Disciplines
for Students

 Writing Terms You May Come Across

Annotated bibliography An annotation is a summary and/or evaluation.
Therefore, an annotated bibliography includes a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources. An annotation should note the purpose and scope of a reading and relate the reading to your course project
Bibliography A list of sources you use for your research that includes books, journal articles, and web resources. The purpose is to communicate to your reader, in a standardized manner, the sources that you have used in detail so that the reader can identify the source. The bibliography is written in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. It is placed at the end of your paper.

A citation is used to give credit to the sources that you use
in your research. It is a short description about of the source that you used whether it is a book, journal article, or web resource.

The information for a book citation includes:

  • Title of the book
  • Name(s) of author(s) or editor(s)
  • The year the book was published
  • The city that the book was published in
  • Publisher’s name

A citation for a journal or magazine includes the following information:

  • Names of the author(s) of the article
  • Title of the article
  • Name of the journal that the article appears in
  • The month and year the article was published
  • Volume and/or issue number of the journal
  • Page number(s) of the article

There are different formats used for citation including Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychology Association (APA), and Chicago Style. Be sure to ask your professor what citation style he or she wants you to follow.

Endnote A note placed at the end of an article, chapter, or book that comments on or cites a reference for a designated part of the text.
Footnote A note of text placed at the bottom of a page in a book or document. The note comments on and may cite a reference for part of the main body of text. A footnote is normally flagged by a superscript number following that portion of the text the note is in reference to.
Paraphrase Putting a passage from an author into your own words. You must give credit to the original source when you paraphrase. A paraphrased is usually shorter than the original passage.
Plagiarism Intentional or unintentional use of somebody else's words or ideas without giving that person credit.
Quotation Are identical to the original author’s writing. A quotation must match the source document word for word and the original author must be given credit.
Rubric A set of criteria that your professor has for a project and that is used for calculating your grade. You should always check the rubric to make sure that you have completed all of the requirements that your professor has chosen.
Summarize Involves putting the main idea into your own words. You should only include the main points the author is making. You need to attribute summarized ideas to the original source.