Name Title Phone Email
Nancy Casey  Finance Controller 718.982.2475
Maria Xenakis Associate Director of Accounting 718.982.2457
Lynne Curbelo  Assistant Director of Accounting 718.982.2469
Geraldine Amuso  Finance Accountant 718.982.2509
Lisa Roe  Finance Accountant 718.982.2262
Shazia Amin  Finance Accountant 718.982.2473
Linda Goffin  Finance Accountant 718.982.2223
Luljeta (Lily) Ardoli  Finance Accountant 718.982.2471



Name Title Phone Email
Dina MacLeod  Finance Accountant 718.982.2483
Penny Varriano Finance Accounting Assistant 718.982.2480
Patricia Paholek  CUNY Office Assistant 718.982.2479




Name Title Phone Email
Kevin M. Ascolese  Budget Director 718.982.2468
Tomasz Hajbert Finance Budget Manager 718.982.2587
Amy Clegg  College Accountant - Budget Services 718.982.2465
Sherry Heller Coordinator of Fiscal Systems and Reporting 718.982.2462
Yolanda Gonzalez  Finance Budget Specialist 718.982.2463
Heather Blaylock  CUNY Administrative Assistant 718.982.2485
Ann McGettigan  College Assistant 718.982.2489




Name Title Phone Email
Michael Baybusky  Bursar 718.982.2061
Elizabeth Cammarata  HE Assistant 718.982.2054
Christine DelGiudice Assistant to HEO 718.982.2049
Leanora Chiaruttini Finance Accounting Assistant 718.982.2055
Hoda Habib Finance Accountant 718.982.2048
Jan Ochlan CUNY Administration Assistant 718.982.2168
Robin Rhoades CUNY Administration Assistant 718.982.2064
Sally Provenzano CUNY Office Assistant 718.982.2059
Vincenza Albarano College Assistant 718.982.2051
Rochelle Cannava College Assistant 718.982.2039
Sabrina Kennet College Assistant 718.982.2046
Lisa Colella College Assistant 718.982.2063
Dina Davis College Assistant 718.982.2167
Michele Tosi College Assistant 718.982.2179




Name Title Phone Email
Marguerite Fuller Non-teaching Adjunct 718.982.2248
Lillian Nicassio CUNY Administrative Assistant 718.982.2460




Name Title Phone Email
Natalya Gnyp Finance Procurement Director 718.982.2163
Chyanne Gilliam Facilities Property Coordinator 718.982.2452
Benjamin Rosenson Purchasing Agent  718.982.2455
Dhaydia Smith Purchasing Agent  718.982.2454
Rosemary Vitale College Assistant 718.982.2453