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Office of the Vice President for Campus Planning, Facilities Management and Operations


Division of Campus Planning, Facilities Management and Operations strives to enhance the physical beauty and natural surroundings of our 204 acre campus though the preservation and improvement of the campus infrastructure, facilities and safety features. The Division’ mission is to contribute to creating an environment, reflected both in our campus climate and physical surroundings, where students, faculty, and staff can thrive and meet their personal and/or professional goals. 


Representative services include:

  • Maintaining the buildings and grounds, including campus heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, underground heating and plumbing infrastructure and landscaping and lawn care.
  • Operating the central plant which contains the campus boilers and chillers.
  • Managing CUNY/DASNY capital projects on behalf of CUNY.
  • Designing and effectuating in-house building renovations.
  • Managing Campus Safety including Fire Safety and Evacuation procedures. 
  • Assisting the campus community in meeting our Environmental, Health and Safety regulatory obligations.
  • Sending, receiving and distributing mail and packages and providing reprographic services 
  • Managing campus events at the Center for the Arts and campus space rentals. 

Contact Information

Hope Berte

Vice President for Campus Planning, Facilities Management and Operations

Email Hope Berte