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CSI Campus Re-Entry Plan

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Spring 2022 Re-Entry Plan

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I.     PEOPLE  - This section contains the following information. Visit here for details
Physical Distancing                            

  • Distancing and Masks                                
  • Limit Occupancy and Congestion                        
  • Reconfigure Floorplans                                
  • Selected Diagrams for Reconfiguring Spaces                    
  • Signage                                        

Gatherings in Enclosed Spaces                            

  • General Guidance for Enclosed Spaces                        
  • Cafeterias/Dining Halls                                
  • Computer Labs                                    
  • Conference Rooms                                
  • Dorms/Housing (for residential campuses)                    
  • Elevators                                    
  • Exterior Campus Grounds                            
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers, Including Pools                    
  • Hallways and Stairwells                                    
  • Lecture/Classrooms                                
  • Lobby and Common Areas                            
  • Office Space                                    
  • Restrooms                                    

Operational Activity                                

  • Operational Considerations Involving Staff Scheduling and HR            
  • Operational Considerations for Grading Policies and Academic Support        
  • Operational Considerations Involving Course Scheduling                
  • Operational Considerations Involving Individuals on Campus            
  • Operational Considerations for Vulnerable Populations                    
  • Operational Considerations for Mental Health and Welfare            
  • Operational Considerations for Student Life                    
  • Operational Considerations for Technology                        
  • Operational Considerations for License Use of Campus Facilities            
  • Operational Considerations for Reclosing in the Event of an Outbreak                

Campus Deliveries and Drop-Off

PLACES: This section contains the following information. Visit here for details                               

  • Protective Equipment                                
  • Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection                        
  • Staged Reopening                                
  • Communications Plan

PROCESSES: This section contains the following information. Visit here for details      

Screening and Testing

  • Screening
  • External Rentals                            
  • Returning to Campus


Tracing and Tracking

  • Tracing
  • Isolate and Transport Those Who are Sick
  • Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts
  • Tracing and Enhanced Cleaning
  • Student Protocols
  • Employee Protocols

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