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Coronavirus Message

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The role of the committee is to monitor the higher education landscape and the impact of the virus on the College of Staten Island relative to health, safety and planning for resumption of in-person operations. The committee provides situation reports to College leadership to assist them in making well-informed decisions and communicates CDC updates, NYS updates and actions taken by the University to ensure the continued health and safety of our community, and to to ensure that equity and inclusion are at the center of all re-entry plans. The committee will consider re-entry challenges and opportunities and develop recommendations specific to all aspects of workplace re-entry.  

College of Staten Island Re-Entry Committee
Hope Berte and Michael Parrish (co-chair)

External Committees- Report out to Re-Entry Committee   

 Name(s) Committee Title
Patty Kahn, Jane Marcus Delgado, Ralf Peetz    Online Instruction and Continuity
Michael Cavagnero, Chair Research Re-Entry
Dante Tawfeeq, Chair Animal Care Research Re-Entry
Rob Wallace, Co-Chairs Dolphin Cove Housing Committee   

Campus infrastructure

  • Campus Preparedness/Safety Charge – Propose short and long-term recommendations and needs to allow a safe campus environment while maintaining social distancing, keeping areas of occupancy sanitized, ensuring environmental safety and tracking any incidences of COVID-19. 

    Committee Members

    Name Department / Title
    Co-Chair Hope Berte VP CPF&O
    Co-Chair John Verzani      Faculty
    Keith Pisons Chief Sup. Facilities
    Michael Lederhandler Public Safety
    James Saccardo EH&S
    Joanne Sagherian Operations
    Jorma Loci Campus Planning
    Linda Conte Health Center
    Amy Stempler Library
    TJ Tibbs Athletics
    Patricia Kahn AVP OIT
    Joyce Taylor OIT
    Carlos Serrano AVP Finance/Budget    
    Kevin Ascolese Budget
    Joseph Weisberg Student

Student Learning, Life, and Success

  • Student Safety, Health, and Wellness Charge – Monitor the social, emotional, and physical wellbeing of CSI students as we maintain a primarily distance education mode of delivery but start the slow return to the Willowbrook and St. George campuses. Plan for the resumption of campus operations including, but not limited to, student affairs services, housing, food services, and the library. 

    Committee Members

    Name Department / Title
    Co-Chair Katie Cumiskey Faculty/St. George
    Danielle Dimitrov Student Affairs
    Terianne Darragh Health Center
    Linda Conte Health Center
    Ann Booth Counseling Center
    Stefan Charles-Pierre Accessibility
    McKala Neese Housing
    Jodi Merendino Dining Services
    Catherine Ferrara Diversity and Compliance      
    TJ Tibbs Athletics
    Mario D’Alessandro St. George
    Carol Brower Student Life
    TBD Student

  • Student Success Charge – Determine how student support services will transition from an entirely online mode of operation to phased on-campus services. Determine how to maintain a safe, socially distanced environment for students as they return to campus.

     Committee Members

    Name Department / Title
    Co-Chair Ralf Peetz    Associate Provost
    Co-Chair Jane Marcus Delgado     Faculty Senate
    Patricia Kahn AVP OIT
    Stephen Ferst Global Engagement
    Jennifer Durando Center for Advising and Academic Success
    Danielle Dimitrov Student Affairs
    Linda John OIT
    Veronica DiMeglio Curriculum Office
    TBD Student

  • Academics/Curriculum Charge - Make broad recommendations for how to maintain instructional continuity as CSI transitions from its current primarily distance education mode to resumption of some on-campus instructional activities.

    Committee Members

    Name Department / Title
    Co-Chair Michael Parish  VP/Provost
    Co-Chair Dan McCloskey   Faculty
    Kerri Gerson Registrar
    Suzy Shepardson HEO's
    Amy Stempler Library
    Katie Cumiskey Faculty/St. George
    Jane Marcus Delgado Faculty Senate
    Jonathan Peters Faculty
    Michael Batson Faculty/PSC
    Patricia Kahn AVP OIT
    Doriann Hyland OIT
    Carlos Serrano AVP Finance/Budget   
    Kevin Ascolese Budget
    Marie Giordano Nursing Department
    Alex Scott  Enrollment
    TBD Student

External/Internal Relations

  • Communications/Borough Stewardship Charge -  Work with borough, city, CUNY and state agencies in maintaining the campus as an anchor institution and a resource for the recovery of Staten Island from the pandemic. Oversee internal and external communications as the campus re-opens. 

    Committee Members

    Name Department / Title
    Co-Chair Rob Wallace VP for ED, CS and GR   
    Co-Chair Jonathan Peters   Faculty
    Jessica Collura Chief of Staff
    Michael Parrish VP/Provost
    Jasmine Cardona Economic Development
    Kim Williams Communications 
    Terry Mares Communications 
    George Davis IV Communications
    Alex Scott  Enrollment
    David Pizzuto Communications
    TBD Student

  • Staff Relations/Safety/Wellness Charge – Make recommendations for how to maintain staff and faculty wellness and safety as the campus begins to re-open.

    Committee Members

    Name Department / Title
    Co-Chair Jessica Collura Chief of Staff  
    Co-Chair Michael Batson   Faculty/PSC
    TBD Human Resources   
    Catherine Ferrara Diversity and Compliance   
    Suzy Shepardson HEOs
    Michele Karpeles Gittlesons
    Carlos Serrano AVP Finance/Budget
    Kevin Ascolese Budget
    TBD Student

For further questions about preventative measures, please consult online resources available from the NYC Department of Health, New York State Department of Health, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization. 

Coronavirus Steering Committee Coronavirus Task Force
Hope Berte Hope Berte – Facilities
Stephen Ferst Ann Booth - Counseling
  Carol Brower - Student Life
William Fritz Jessica Collura - HR
Ken Iwama Linda Conte – Health Center
Patricia Kahn Terrianne Darragh – Health Center
Jane Marcus Delgado Danielle Dimitrov (in case Jennifer cannot attend)
Michael Parrish Jennifer Durando – Advising
Robert Wallace Catherine Ferrara – Diversity and Compliance
  Stephen Ferst – Center for Global Engagement
  Marie Giordano - Nursing Department
  Ken Iwama – to represent Auxiliary Services
  Linda John – OIT
  Patty Kahn
  Michael Lederhandler – Public Safety
  Terry Mares – Institutional Advancement
  Jodi Merendino – Dining
  Spozmi Nouri – Housing
  Michael Parrish
  Ralf Peetz
  Keith Pisons – Facilities
  David Pizzuto - Athletics
  Alex Scott - Enrollment
  Amy Stempler - Library