Poster Formatting Information

Posters are selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted. They should be an expansion of, not a departure from, the content of the abstract.

All students must adhere to the following required guidelines (no exceptions) for poster preparation:

  • Posters must be prepared and sized to print at 36” (height) x 48” (width).
  • Posters must include the CSI college and CUNY logos – these should be arranged in the heading/title bar of your poster. We will provide and/or assist you with incorporating these.
  • Include the title, names (student(s), mentor, etc), institutional affiliation(s) and location of the institution where the work has been performed.
  • Posters must be submitted as PDF files to the conference email:  by April 26, 2018.

Suggested elements for posters include:

  • Use charts, graphs, diagrams, or photographs
  • Minimize words
  • Keep it organized and match the presentation to the flow of the poster
  • Place your most significant findings at eye level
  • Print size should allow the poster to be read from a distance of six (6) feet
  • Select fonts like these:    Arial    Helvetica    Trebuchet MS  
    And not these:    Bauhaus 93    Blackmoor    Lucida Blackletter    Snell Roundhand
  • Use color and keep it visually stimulating
  • Provide information on all topics included in the abstract

For additional assistance, please review Suggested Guidelines for Preparing Effective Posters for more in-depth detail of the poster preparation process.

Please understand, due to time constraints and the number of individuals involved in the planning and printing process, there can be no exceptions with respect to the required guidelines and extensions. It is very important that you plan your time accordingly. Prepare your work and make the necessary time for formatting, editing, etc. before the submission deadline.

Poster Printing

All posters will be printed free of charge through the college’s Office of Reprographics – we greatly appreciate their generous time and support! If you wish to view your poster prior to the day of the conference, please make a note when submitting your poster and we will make arrangements for you to do so ( Otherwise, we will coordinate the printing of all posters and have them ready for display when you arrive to register at the conference.