The virtual conference will take place on Thursday, April 29th, 2021, and will run from 12:30–4:30 pm.  There will be a message from the Provost and the keynote speaker Professor Ellen-ge Denton, followed by five tracks of presentations that will run concurrently on Zoom Webinar.  View the presentation schedule.

To view the live presentations on the day of the Conference:  
Simply join the track of the presentations that interest you, following the Zoom links provided below. You can switch between tracks by leaving the Zoom session of your current track and joining a new/different track already in progress via the invitations below.  Questions at the end of the presentation are encouraged using the ‘Chat’ feature in Zoom — the moderator will read these questions aloud to the student presenter(s). 
To help you in deciding which track and presentations you wish to attend, we recommend that you visit the 2021 Virtual Undergraduate Conference page which contains all posters which are available for viewing now and Track Presenters and Schedule (for an accessibility copy, please send an email to .