Department overview

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers undergraduate and graduate courses designed to prepare in-service and pre-service teachers to research, develop, implement and evaluate knowledge and practices that increase preK-12 student achievement within and outside of school. Curriculum refers to the WHAT K-12 students are expected to learn and WHAT teachers are expected to teach. Instruction is the HOW that learning and teaching is to be achieved.


Obtainable jobs
  • Teacher, Early Childhood (Ages Birth-Grade 3)
  • Teacher, Childhood (Grades K-8)
  • Teacher, Adolescence (Grades 9-12)
  • Teacher of English Language Learners
  • Special Education Teacher, Self-contained
  • Special Education Teacher, Inclusive Classroom
  • Grade Leader
  • Adult Literacy
  • Prison Educator
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Testing Coordinator
  • School Leader (Principal, Assistant Principal)
  • District Leader (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Borough Field Support Center)
  • Corporate Trainer


Certified Graduates are eligible for these positions in Traditional Public Schools, Charter Schools, Independent Schools, Parochial Schools, Private Schools, and other entities including non-profits and corporations.

Full Time Faculty


Director Listing:

  • Deirdre Armitage, Ph.D.
    Director of Fieldwork
    Building 3S, Room 207C
    Phone: 718-982-3741
  • Diane Brescia, BA
    Director of Program Administration
    Building 3S, Room 211
    Phone: 718-982-3877
  • Gail Rosenberg, MS, SAS
    Director of Teacher Performance Assessment Preparation
    Building 3S, Room 216
    Phone: 718-982-3692

Staff Listing:

  • Joanne German
    Administrative Assistant
    Student Teaching, Accreditation, and SLS
    Building 3S, Room 205
    Phone: 718-982-3715
  • Bryan McGuckin, BA
    Computer Laboratory Technician
    Building 3S, Room 206
    Phone: 718-982-3980
  • Walter Palmer, BS
    College Assistant/Computer Laboratory Technician
    Building 3S, Room 206
    Phone: 718-982-3698

Adjunct Faculty

  • Loreta Andersen
  • Deirdre Armitage
  • Steven Azeka
  • Nita Baxani
  • Joanna Birnbaum
  • Anna Carter
  • Michael DeConzo
  • Susanna Eng
  • Barbara Ferrante
  • Wendy Halm-Violette 
  • Ingrid Heidrick
  • Sharon Jacobson
  • Tunde Jakab
  • Angela Mascia-Millan
  • Joseph McAnanama
  • Denise McNamara
  • Candace McNeece
  • Edward Miller
  • Kristy Parris
  • Gail Rosenberg
  • Kristen Solheim
  • Roslyn Stozki
  • Maria Timo 

Department Facilities