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Engineering Science & Physics

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Department overview

The department of Engineering Science and Physics is a highly interdisciplinary department with undergraduate degree offerings in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science with specializations in Mechanical and Computer Engineering, Earth and Environmental Science, Earth and Environmental Science K-12, Physics and Physics K-12 as well as course offerings in Astronomy and a minor in Geology. Both of the department's undergraduate Engineering degrees are ABET accredited. The department also offers a Masters in Environmental Science, one of the very first in the nation as well as a Masters in Engineering in Electrical Engineering (ME in EE) with focus areas in Photonic Systems & Networks and in Information Processing & Transmission.

The department's 27 full time faculty are extremely active in research in areas as broad as fiber optic communications, general optics, digital signal processing, controls, bio-engineering, coding theory, communications, nanotechnology, theoretical, nuclear and condensed matter physics as well as various areas of astrophysics.


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Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Last First EMAIL
Agcaian  Peter  Peter.Agcaian@csi.cuny.edu 
Albishara  Sami  Sami.Albishara@csi.cuny.edu 
Amaach  Noureddin  Noureddin.Amaach@csi.cuny.edu 
Beyer  Steven  Steven.Beyer@csi.cuny.edu 
Brady  Patricia  Patricia.Brady@csi.cuny.edu 
Bruno  Christine  Christine.Bruno@csi.cuny.edu 
Carlucci  Rocco  Rocco.Carlucci@csi.cuny.edu 
Ciaccio  Philip  Philip.Ciaccio@csi.cuny.edu 
Curulli  Albert  Albert.Curulli@csi.cuny.edu 
DeAngelo  Valerie  Valerie.DeAngelo@csi.cuny.edu 
Drenscko  Mihaela  Mihaela.Drenscko@csi.cuny.edu 
Duffy  Jim  Jim.Duffy@csi.cuny.edu 
Fonarev  Anatoly  Anatoly.Fonarev@csi.cuny.edu 
Griffiths  William  William.Griffiths@csi.cuny.edu 
Harone  Imad  Imad.Harone@csi.cuny.edu 
Haldolaarachchige  Neel  Neel.Haldolaarachchige@csi.cuny.edu
Hettiarachchilage Kalani  Kalani.Hettiarachchilage@csi.cuny.edu
Ito  Yuta  Yuta.Ito@csi.cuny.edu 
Ivanova  Marie  Marie.Ivanova@csi.cuny.edu 
Jackson  Alia  Alia.Jackson@csi.cuny.edu 
Johnson  Edward  Edward.Johnson@csi.cuny.edu 
Jovanovic  Vladimir  Vladimir.Jovanovic@csi.cuny.edu 
Kolkas  Mossbah  Mossbah.Kolkas@csi.cuny.edu 
Kraynova  Margarita  Margarita.Kraynova@csi.cuny.edu 
LaCurtis  William  William.Lacurtis@csi.cuny.edu 
Lane  Kevin  Kevin.Lane@csi.cuny.edu 
Malikova  Lyudmila  Lyudmila.Malikova@csi.cuny.edu 
Marinelli  Susan  Susan.Marinelli@csi.cuny.edu 
Marinello  James  James.Marinello@csi.cuny.edu 
Marino  Francesco  Francesco.Marino@csi.cuny.edu 
McCall  Rosemary  Rosemary.Mccall@csi.cuny.edu 
Nitodas  Stephanos  Steve.Nitodas@csi.cuny.edu
Noerling  Carolann  Carolann.Noerling@csi.cuny.edu 
Peiris  Sasanthi  Sasanthi.Peiris@csi.cuny.edu 
Poppe  George  George.Poppe@csi.cuny.edu 
Rddad  Larbi  Larbi.Rddad@csi.cuny.edu 
Rodberg  Thomas  Thomas.Rodberg@csi.cuny.edu 
Shopova  Siyka  Siyka.Shopova@csi.cuny.edu 
Taranto  Robert  Robert.Taranto@csi.cuny.edu 
Tramontano  Samantha  Samantha.Tramontano@csi.cuny.edu
Vayl  Steven  Steven.Vayl@csi.cuny.edu 
Weinstock  Harvey  Harvey.Weinstock@csi.cuny.edu 
Yarmolinsky  Max  Max.Yarmolinsky@csi.cuny.edu 


Office Administration

Nikole Feliciano, Advising Manaager              Nikole.Feliciano@csi.cuny.edu    
Marie Gomes, Chairman's Assistant               Marie.Gomes@csi.cuny.edu
Michele Pignalosa                                          Michele.Pignalosa@csi.cuny.edu


College Lab Technician

Tracy Campbell             Tracy.Campbell@csi.cuny.edu
Jackeline Figueroa        Jackie.Figueroa@csi.cuny.edu
Matthew Miller               Matthew.Miller@csi.cuny.edu
Victoria Rivelli                Victoria.Rivelli@csi.cuny.edu
Thomas Rodberg          Thomas.Rodberg@csi.cuny.edu