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Engineering Science & Physics

students in lab
engineering group at commencement

Department overview

The department of Engineering Science and Physics is a highly interdisciplinary department with undergraduate degree offerings in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science with specializations in Mechanical and Computer Engineering, Earth and Environmental Science, Earth and Environmental Science K-12, Physics and Physics K-12 as well as course offerings in Astronomy and a minor in Geology. Both of the department's undergraduate Engineering degrees are ABET accredited. The department also offers a Masters in Environmental Science, one of the very first in the nation as well as a Masters in Engineering in Electrical Engineering (ME in EE) with focus areas in Photonic Systems & Networks and in Information Processing & Transmission.

The department's 27 full time faculty are extremely active in research in areas as broad as fiber optic communications, general optics, digital signal processing, controls, bio-engineering, coding theory, communications, nanotechnology, theoretical, nuclear and condensed matter physics as well as various areas of astrophysics.


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Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Last First EMAIL
Agcaian  Peter 
Albishara  Sami 
Altunkaya Emrah
Amaach  Noureddin 
Ayers Michael
Basu Sankhya
Beyer  Steven 
Brady  Patricia 
Bruno  Christine 
Carlucci  Rocco 
Ciaccio  Philip 
Curulli  Albert 
DeAngelo  Valerie 
Drenscko  Mihaela 
Duffy  Jim 
Dutta Ashutosh
Fonarev  Anatoly 
Griffiths  William 
Hackebill Aric
Harone  Imad 
Haldolaarachchige  Neel
Hettiarachchilage Kalani
Ito  Yuta 
Ivanova  Marie 
Jackson  Alia 
Johnson  Edward 
Jovanovic  Vladimir 
Khalil Ahmad
Kolkas  Mossbah 
Kraynova  Margarita 
LaCurtis  William 
Lane  Kevin 
Malikova  Lyudmila 
Marinelli  Susan 
Marinello  James 
Marino  Francesco 
McCall  Rosemary 
MineevWeinstein Mark
Nitodas  Stephanos
Noerling  Carolann 
Peiris  Sasanthi 
Poppe  George 
Rddad  Larbi 
Robbins Irving
Rodberg  Thomas 
Shopova  Siyka 
Siejo Giovanni
Tramontano  Samantha
Vayl  Steven 
Weinstock  Harvey 
Yarmolinsky  Max 


Office Administration

Nikole Feliciano, Advising Manager        
Marie Gomes, Chairman's Assistant     
Michele Pignalosa                                


College Lab Technician

Tracy Campbell   
Jackeline Figueroa
Matthew Miller     
Victoria Rivelli      
Thomas Rodberg