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Nursing AAS Frequently Asked Questions

Application Packet for Potential AAS Students
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Associate Degree Program in Nursing

Once you have read the brochures, explored the varied options for academic preparation in nursing at CSI and elsewhere, and have chosen to apply to the CSI associate degree nursing program, it will be important that you carefully follow the steps to assure your success.


What do I do first?

If you have not done so already, you must apply to the college and become a student at the college. On the application, be sure to state your intention to study nursing. If you have attended another college in the past, you will need to ask for a transfer application and fill out requests for transcripts from the prior institutions. Remember, you will receive your degree from the College of Staten Island and you will need to meet all its degree requirements. Be sure to attend orientation and become clear on the expectations of the college. CSI maintains a wonderful website for prospective students at CSI. You will find most of what you need, including applications, right there: CSI Undergraduate Admissions

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How do I register?

After Admission to the College - You will need to register for classes. Reading all the materials carefully and following the advice below may help reduce the stress and frustration that seems to pop up at these times. You will have a registration date.
Pay attention to your registration date, you cannot register before that date, BUT you should receive advisement and have your registration block removed before that date. It will be very important for you to receive your academic advisement from nursing advisers right from the start. This will help you avoid taking the courses which will not help you move toward your nursing goals. You must see a faculty member to remove the "nursing block" which allows you to register. You cannot register until your "nursing block" is removed by a nursing advisor. Give yourself adequate time to see a faculty advisor prior to your day of registration. Doing this early will increase your chances of getting into the desired classes and sections. Do not wait until your assigned date to get this done.
Faculty office hours are posted outside 5S-213

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What is the pre-clinical sequence?

The four prerequisite courses (13 credits) are:

  • BIO 150 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • ENG 111 Communications Workshop
  • PHL 130 Introduction to Ethics
  • PSY 100 Psychology

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA in the pre-requisite courses of 3.0 with an overall minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and a minimum grade of C in Biology 150 to be considered for admission to the clinical phase of the Nursing program (AAS). There are no substitutions for the four pre-clinical courses, except for courses deemed equivalent by the registrar. Admission to the nursing program is competitive and applications with lower GPA's cannot be considered. See college catalog for complete information and additional admission requirements.

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When can I take AAS?

Students who meet the following criteria my apply:

  • Are in the semester in which they are completing the pre-clinical sequence
  • Have completed one semester of classes (residency) at CSI (one or more credits)
  • Have taken or are planning to take one of the Pre-Admission Examinations
    • NLN Pre-Admission RN Exam (NLN PAX-RN)
    • SAT I and SAT II BIO
  • Complete a AAS Application (Online)
  • Submit all required documentation (health and pre-admission test scores) by the deadline
  • Meet all academic requirements (see college catalog)

Students must complete an application for admission to AAS, the first clinical nursing course. See the college catalog or the CSI brochure for the requirements. Be certain to monitor your progress through the pre-clinical courses with your nursing advisor. You are considered a pre-clinical nursing student until you enter AAS. Applications become available twice a year. Watch for the announcement postings on nursing website for the dates when AAS applications will be accepted. You must submit the application and check the status of your application online. Students who do not submit the required physical forms to the Health Center or have not submitted Pre-Admission Exam scores by the required date will not be considered for acceptance into the Nursing Program.
You will need to register online or in person after receiving notification of acceptance.
No one is permitted to register for AAS prior to the meeting of the faculty committee on AAS Admissions (January and June).

Clinical experiences are provided at health care agencies in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Accept the reality that not everyone will be able to get his/her preferred placement. Work with classmates, form car pools or travel groups, and if you have specific needs work with each other to find solutions. If this is not possible you may need to consider delaying your progress.

You may access the packet of AAS Application forms here online. They will only be accepted twice a year at designated times. All items in packet are important. Be sure to read all documents and directions carefully. Continue to look for new postings, announcements and information in Marcus Hall and CSI bulletins. Good Luck.

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How do I survive registration when I cannot get a class?

Plan to be flexible and make the needed arrangements to take sections that are available. If you need special permission to take a course, this is called a "waiver". Review this request with a faculty advisor, if the request is possible and appropriate, complete a GREEN WAIVER REQUEST FORM. Have the advisor remove the nursing block, sign the waiver request form and bring it to 5S-213. Dr. Farren will review the request and if it is approved, will enter permission on the computer. It may take a few days, so again, do not wait until the last minute.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST- PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME. The College cancels sections that appear under-enrolled, after students have been dropped for non-payment of tuition. Once this happens the class is gone.

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How can I stay on target?

Do not listen to rumors. See a nursing advisor and consult the college catalog for information. Tackle your pre-requisites as soon as possible - you may need to take a preparatory course prior to the required pre-requisite. Find out early so you can adjust your timetable.

Read all handouts and follow directions. Use the resources made available by the college; there are numerous services available to you, including academic tutoring and academic and personal counseling. Attend the new student orientation; find out about all the student services and use them. Understand your responsibilities as a student, e.g. finish your CLUE credits early. Check out the college website current students page and learn about campus life.

Once in the nursing program, become active and involved. Join the Nursing Club, use the resources in Marcus Hall, especially the Nursing Student Resource Centers (5S-119, 121).

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