Dr. Ming Xia

Xia, Ming Professor

Ming Xia is a Professor of Political Science at the Department of Political Science and Global Affairs, the College of Staten Island, the City University of New York and a doctoral faculty member at the CUNY Graduate Center.

He received his degrees from Fudan University and Temple University. He once taught at

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Bilge Yesil photograph

Yesil, Bilge Associate Professor

Bilge Yesil is an Associate Professor of Media Culture at the College of Staten Island and Doctoral Faculty of Middle Eastern Studies at The Graduate Center. Yesil's research interest is in global media and communication with a particular focus on Turkey and the Middle East, global internet policies, online surveillance and censorship.

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Leora Yetnikoff

Yetnikoff, Leora Assistant Professor

Should adolescents be held criminally responsible for illegal behavior? In attending to this question, loaded with practical, societal and moral ramifications, the judicial system has increasingly come to rely on developmental neuroscience and psychology research (Steinberg 2013, Nat Neurosci Rev, 14: 513 - 518). That adolescents are prone to impulsive

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Oswaldo Zavala

Zavala, Oswaldo Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture


  • 20thand 21stCentury Mexican Literary and Cultural Studies
  • US-Mexico Border and North/South Studies
  • Latin American Literary and Critical Theory
  • Mexican Journalism and Media Culture
  • Neoliberalism, Geopolitics and Violence in Latin America
  • 20thand 21stCentury Latin American Narrative 
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Alexander Zevin

Zevin, Alexander Assistant Professor

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Ying Zhu

Zhu, Ying Professor

Dr. Ying Zhu is a professor in the Department of Media Culture. She has published eight books, including Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television (New Press, 2014). Her first research monograph, Chinese Cinema during the Era of Reform: The Ingenuity of the System (2003) initiated the study

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