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Anthology Portfolio Information


To assure the quality of our education programs and compliance with state and national accreditation standards, CSI’s School of Education collects information from the students in our programs. This information is used to assess the operations of the programs and overall school, not individual students.


Role of Anthology Portfolio (formerly Chalk & Wire)

Students will submit all materials to Anthology Portfolio through Blackboard. In other words, you do not need to log into the Anthology Portfolio website; Instead, you must log into Blackboard.

When you click on course assignment/portfolio on Blackboard, it will automatically take you to Anthology Portfolio website. Therefore, you must have access to Blackboard to submit all materials. If you have problem logging into Blackboard, please see Student Resources for Blackboard.


Purchasing the Anthology Portfolio Account

All students are REQUIRED to purchase the Anthology Portfolio account upon entering any Education program. A one-year account is available to purchase at the CSI Bookstore for approximately $65. The easiest way to find it is to type in “Anthology Portfolio” in a search tool. Make sure you choose “Free in-store pick up” as a shipping method to avoid paying for shipping fee. Even though you choose this option, you will receive the code via email; in other words, you will NOT have to go to the Bookstore to pick up the code. The deadline for purchasing/renewing the account is May 1st (Spring semester) or December 1st (Fall semester) of EACH SEMESTER while you are in the Education program.


We are currently transitioning from TK20 to Anthology Portfolio. Please be patient as we continue to update the website with information. Do not purchase anything until it is required by your instructor. For questions or concerns regarding TK20 or Anthology Portfolio please email Bryan McGuckin.