EdD in Community-Based Leadership.

In line with its continuing efforts to serve the citizens of this Borough, and the City of New York, the College of Staten Island/The City University of New York, is offering the Doctoral program, the EdD in Community-Based Leadership. The program is the first of its kind in the nation.

The program  prepares professionals from all sectors supporting young people, including education, social work, psychology/mental health, medicine, business, and law, to lead cross-sector coalitions in service of the success and well-being of all of our children. 

Message from the Coordinators of CSI’s Educational Leadership Program.

In light of recent events throughout the nation and our community, we are taking this opportunity to affirm our commitment to education of anti-racist school and district leaders. As Coordinators of CSI’s Educational Leadership Program we believe that we have an essential role to play in preparing diverse leaders who will actively combat racism in their schools and communities. Our students, staff, and neighbors of color deserve no less.

Teaching is a vital profession, perhaps now more than ever. To do it well requires passion and dedication but also a fundamental understanding of children and learning, proficiency in a variety of pedagogies, the ability to formulate a sound plan, and the wisdom to know when to deviate from it. To do it well rewards you with deep relationships with children and adolescents and psychic pleasure in watching them learn and grow under your tutelage. To do it well in the 21st century results in opportunities for many students that they would not otherwise have. The School of Education is committed to following these principles as it enhances its academic offerings and co-curricular opportunities in ways that meet the needs of students, schools and communities.

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School of Education Mission Statement

The School of Education prepares highly qualified, caring, and effective educators to meet the needs of students in diverse settings within the State of New York and beyond. We do so by linking theory, scholarship, and social justice. Our programs emphasize equity, academic excellence, reflective practice, curriculum integration, and advocacy. The programs promote meaningful fieldwork in which pre-service and in-service teachers engage with students, families, and other educators within diverse communities. Our students conduct research, understand educational policies, and develop the skills required to meet the needs of all students. Through their courses and fieldwork, our students develop the dispositions that guide and support their teaching and leading.