Creating a shortcut on your iPhone/Android Phone/Personal Computer to personal Cleared4 URL


Starting October 7, ALL students must have an approved COVID-19 vaccine submission in the CUNYfirst Vaccine Verification module to enter campus for any reason unless they have been granted a religious exception or a medical exemption.


Cleared4: Instructions for Guests and Visitors of the College of Staten Island

The use of the Cleared4 vaccination and test-verification system is required of all guests and visitors to the College of Staten Island.  Cleared4 is designed to keep our community and all CUNY facilities as safe as possible from the spread of COVID19. (CUNY’s COVID19 visitor policy can be found here.)

To register, please send your full name and preferred email address to your contact at the College and indicate the reason for your visit.  Your campus contact will forward the information to the appropriate campus personnel. You will then receive a link via email to get started from no (please check your spam folders if you don’t find it in your inbox). Once registered, you may follow the instructions here for completing the verification and obtaining a Cleared4 Pass to access the campus.  Please bear in mind that both vaccination and negative test verification may take two to three business days to complete prior to your receiving your pass. You can find the email address for your associated college contact or department here in the CSI Directory

Please note the following:

  • CUNY has imposed a New Mask Mandate for everyone at CUNY facilities, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Vaccination information only needs to be uploaded once to be validated. Negative test results are valid for seven days after the test is performed and should be uploaded two to three days before your visit.
  • Do not travel to CUNY until you receive your Cleared4 access pass notification. You will not be permitted to access a CUNY location if your COVID-19 vaccination or negative PCR test result submission is pending verification.  
  • The Cleared4 pass is required in addition to any other requirements specified by your program or activity.
  • Once approved, the Cleared4 Pass can be used at any CUNY facility. 
  • There is only one exception to the Cleared4 requirement and that is for those who will be on campus for less than 30 minutes, who are fundamentally drivers and delivery personnel who will not enter our buildings; please remember that masks must be worn.
  • For Visitors who do not have a smartphone to display your pass, please print out a copy of your pass prior to coming to the college.
  • CUNY expects all students, faculty, staff and visitors to follow the New York City Board of Health guidelines on COVID-19.   

Additional information 
For general information about CUNY policies and guidelines about visiting CUNY colleges and buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit CUNY Visitor Policy and the latest health and safety guidelines on the CUNY website.   To learn more about the Cleared4 verification system, visit this link

We hope that this information will be helpful in supporting your safe visit to the College of Staten Island.

  • Employees/Students schedule their tests using their unique URL that is included in the email they receive to their email address from with the subject line Welcome to Cleared4CUNY.  This unique link should only be shared with the individual it is assigned to.
  • Please fully register for your account prior to going to the test center to speed processing time. 
  • Tests taken Monday through Thursday- test results come back within 24 hours.
  • Test taken on Friday/Saturday- test results come back within 48 hours.
  • Note that samples are collected in batches several times a day for lab processing, so timing is not exact.
  • Very important: Negative COVID-19 test results generate a GreenPass that is valid for seven days.  Employees/students should not wait until the seventh day to take their next test, as the GreenPass will expire (the “Show Access Button” disappears in the user account when the GreenPass expires).  Employees/students should schedule their next test no later than five days after the previous test.
  • Very important: Users need to use their individual deep link (a unique URL) to access their record.  The deep link is found in the user record under the email field.  The deep link can be copied into emails and sent to users as a reminder.  Otherwise, folks need to search emails for the link.
  • Very important: DO NOT SHARE THE INDIVIDUAL DEEP LINK (URL). This URL is unique to one person and leads to personal and confidential information.
  • All emails come from
  • Scheduled uploads of CUNY data to Cleared4 are each day at 7:00 am, 11:00 am, and 6:00 pm.
  • Schedules are posted on the CUNY website. 
  • Students under 18 are required to have parent/guardian consent to participate in the program.

For questions and assistance with matters related to COVID-19 testing, including inquiries concerning pending test results, please contact Applied DNA Customer Support desk.

Returning to CSI FAQs

Prior To Your Arrival

Vaccination Verification

To provide a safe working and learning environment, no one will be allowed entry to campus unless they show proof of a negative COVID test or COVID vaccination.  

For employees who would like to share their vaccination status voluntarily, please use the Faculty and Staff Guide to Vaccination Verification to assist in uploading proof of your COVID vaccination to CUNYfirst. A helpful Acrobat PDF version of the Vaccination Verification User Guide for CUNY Employees containing graphics can be found on CUNY's website.



As we welcome back our campus community, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the process that will take place regarding campus entry.

We will have both the main gate and D-gate (Forest Hill Road) open to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  During peak hours vehicles accessing the campus via Victory Boulevard will be directed to continue passed the main gate booth to the 3-way intersection to present their clearance pass to access the campus. Pedestrians walking on to the campus will present their pass to the officer at the walkway entrance. During off-peak hours this process will take place at the main gate booth.  The D-gate will be open Monday-Friday from 7:30am – 6:00pm, individuals entering from this gate will present their clearance pass prior to entry.

During the testing sites’ hours of operation, those who require a test will be directed to the site location in the 1P building Art Gallery, short-term parking for testing is available in front of the building.

The Ferry Shuttle will continue its route from the Ferry Terminal to the campus.  It will proceed directly to the front of the 1P building, where the verification of the clearance pass, testing appointments, and walk-in testing of individuals who are disembarking the bus will take place.  The Loop Bus will pick-up just inside the main gate at the bus shelter.  This bus will also proceed directly to the 1P building where all passengers will disembark and present their clearance pass.

Upon the opening of the Saint George site, the clearance pass verification will take place at the reception desk.  If COVID testing is required, individuals will need to complete the testing process at the 1P testing site (located in the Art Gallery) or at another CUNY facility that is open for COVID testing.



When is the last day to drop a class(es) with a full refund?
August 24, 2021; however, please see the academic calendar for all important dates and deadlines.

When is the last day to add/swap classes?
August 31, 2021;  however, late fees may apply.  Please see the academic calendar for all important dates and deadlines.

How will instruction be delivered during Fall 2021? 
This semester, classes will be delivered fully online (through distance/remote learning), hybrid (a combination of online and in-person meetings), or fully in-person.  Please check the details of your class schedule in CUNYfirst to confirm what meeting pattern each of your classes is utilizing.

What is distance learning or remote learning?
Distance learning or remote learning occurs when students and their instructors are in different geographical locations, and the instruction occurs on an electronic device, such as a computer or mobile phone.  The learning can happen in a synchronous environment, in which all participants are connected at the same time or in an asynchronous environment when participants are engaged in learning at different times. An example of synchronous learning is when the course meets virtually on the same day and at the same time as listed in the catalog. An example of asynchronous learning is when faculty members record their lectures and students may view them at any time.

If I have an in-person course and I cannot take it due to COVID-19 concerns for myself or a member of my household, what can I do? 
Please send an email explaining your situation to Danielle Dimitrov, Executive Director of Student Affairs,  She will follow-up to discuss your options. 

Where do I go if I need an academic accommodation due to a disability or had an IEP in high school? 
The Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) provides students with the same quality of service virtually, including arranging academic accommodations.  Contact CSA directly to register and/or ask questions.  They may be reached at  or by calling 718-982-2510. 

Will tutoring be available?
Free tutoring is offered on a virtual "walk-in" basis throughout the year.  During the distance learning period, tutoring sessions take place virtually through Blackboard Collaborate.  Students may access CSI's free tutoring services on the website and should check the website regularly for the most current information on the tutoring schedule and mode of service delivery.   

If I decide to change my major or to add a minor, how would I do this? 
If you would like to make any changes to your major, you should first speak with your academic advisor. Once you have made an informed decision, you will submit the appropriate form to update your record.   

We are pleased to welcome you back to the CSI Library! The Library’s hours beginning the week of August 23rd are below.

Please note: as in the past, during the last two hours listed the Library will function as a study hall on the first floor with only Public Safety present (i.e. no Library services or staff)

  •  Monday: 9am-9pm
  • Tuesday: 9am-7pm
  • Wednesday: 9am-7pm
  • Thursday: 9am-9pm
  • Friday: 9am-7pm


A number of study rooms are available to students. At this time, the rooms will be reserved for students taking in-person/hybrid and online classes that meet on the same day in order to accommodate online class schedules. The reservation form is available on the Library’s homepage, and below:


Reference Services will remain online. You can contact a Librarian using our 24/7 chat reference service available on the homepage or through our Contact Us page:
You may also schedule a virtual research consultation appointment with a subject librarian:
Instructional Services will also remain online. Library faculty have developed a growing suite of instructional video tutorials to teach information literacy concepts and skills, and how to access resources:
Faculty may request Remote Library Instruction for your courses that address a research-related assignment by completing the form linked below. Our Instruction Librarians can provide synchronous or asynchronous sessions depending on your needs and what works best for your student’s assignments.
Please note: Beginning the week of August 23rd, students, faculty, and staff will access our electronic resources using their CUNYfirst log in credentials rather than their SLAS/FLAS credentials. However, ones SLAS/FLAS will continue to be used to access the Library’s computers and WiFi.

CSI provides students, faculty and staff with access to important resources and support that enables them to flourish in their work and studies and benefit from education opportunities beyond the classroom. In order to help our students and faculty locate the best online resources, we've tailored this group of the most useful links that offer exactly what you need for achieving success at CSI.  Visit 

I need a device. Can CSI provide me with one for the fall term? 

A limited number of Chromebook devices are available for loan to students who need them to participate in distance learning.  In order to be considered, students must be enrolled in an online or hybrid course offered by the College of Staten Island.  

If you need technology, other than a Chromebook (e.g. hotspot, earbuds, etc.) please contact the Helpdesk and your request will be considered, based on approval from your instructor.  If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid course, you will receive an email requesting information for a loaner device.

Visit Loaner Device for more information on requesting or returning a device. 

Where can I learn more about the CSI resources? 
There are Online Resources as well as IT Help and Support available that will  assist you. Included on the online resources students tab is specific information about study spaces, lab availability, and hybrd learning as well as other relevant links to address your technology needs.    

How can I get issues with my CIX account addressed? 
Many times the challenges you are experiencing relate to your login credentials and password. The Self Service Password instructions can assist you. (For additional assistance with your CIX account, complete the Helpdesk form, or email the helpdesk at It is important to provide your student ID (emplid) and  contact information in  your communication. The more information provided, the easier and faster it will be for the helpdesk to provide assistance.

What do I do if I have problems with my SLAS account? 
Your SLAS (Student Login Access Systems) is used to log into computers on campus. For issues with your SLAS account, please refer to the Self Service Password instructions. You can also complete the helpdesk form, or you may email the help desk at is important to provide your student ID (emplid) as well as your contact information with either means of communication. The more information you provide, the easier and faster it will be for the helpdesk to provide you with assistance.  

How do I log into Office 365?
CUNY provides a FREE Microsoft Office 365 account to all actively enrolled CSI students.  To access your account, go to and sign in with your CSI email credentials.  The account will be free while you are a CUNY student and provides access to online Microsoft Office and the downloadable MS Office 365 “ProPlus” suite.

How will student services offices assist students in the Fall?
From advisement to counseling to financial aid to student life, these offices and many others are available in-person and by video, phone, or email.    

Will the Center for Career and Professional Development be accepting in-person appointments this Fall?
Yes, the Center for Career and Professional Development will provide services in-person five days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and remotely.  We can help you navigate the transition back into the work environment and provide you with job and internship information for in-person and remote opportunities.  

Will the Childcare Center be open this Fall?

The Children's Center will be open at full capacity beginning in the Fall 2021 semester. All of our groups will participate in in-person learning; Infants, Toddlers, Young 2's, Older 2's, 3K and PKA. We will be following strict health and safety protocols within the center and for all staff, children, and visitors. For more information, please call us at 718.982.3190, or email us at, or visit our webpage

What student activities are planned for Fall 2021? 

As we begin our transition back to campus, know that your Student Activity Fee will be helping campus activities come back to life. Many activities will be offered both in-person and remote, making them available to most students. Student groups (clubs, organizations, and publications) will be operating and planning meetings and events for CSI students.  We encourage all students to download the CORQ App (Google Play or Apple Store) to search for events and involvement opportunities.  Students are also encouraged to form their own student clubs.  Information about starting a club can be found on the CSI website.  Our groups use the student activity fees to offer as many community-building and educational programs as possible to support the College's mission and give our students a complete college experience. 

The Office of Student Life (1C-201) will be open Monday – Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The office is committed to helping students re-connect (or connect those on campus for the first time) to campus life through its many offerings. Various events will be planned, including those offered through the LGBTQ Resource Center, Pluralism and Diversity program, leadership development opportunities, and the Campus Activities Board.  All of these events and options can be found on CORQ or CSI Connect.  If you are a first-year student, please use the CORQ App to help you complete your CLUE requirement

If you have questions, please reach out to and follow us on social media:     

CSI Bookstore

Will the CSI Bookstore be open this Spring?

The CSI Bookstore will be fully open this Fall, starting August 16th. Any restrictions or precautions that the school has will also apply to the bookstore, so please see CUNY guidance on campus re-entering for more information about how to get on campus. 
From August 16th to September 10th The CSI Bookstore will be open from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. After September 10th the hours will be 9am to 5pm Monday through Thursday, and 9am to 3pm on Friday. The bookstore is closed whenever campus is closed. 

The textbook section will be open for browsing in the store, though it is suggested that you order books or supplies online through the Bookstore's website.  All online orders are being filled within 2-4 business days, and orders that total over $75 qualify for free ground shipping.  If you place an order online for pick up, please wait until you receive the email that your order is ready before coming on campus. 

You may still schedule an appointment to come into the Bookstore through the Navigate App or online.  When scheduling an appointment, please note that Student Services is the appointment type and the CSI Bookstore is the office with which you would like to schedule. You will also be required to choose the location (CSI Book Store 1C-105) and the days/times available.  Confirmation and reminder emails/texts regarding the appointment will be sent to you.  If you are having issues scheduling an appointment, please email for assistance. 




DolphinCard (ID)

How can I obtain my DolphinCard (ID) for the Fall Semester?
At this time, ID cards will only be distributed to Dolphin Cove residents and students taking classes on campus.  Please access the Dolphin Card Office webpage and follow the link for online Photo Submission.  Upon receiving notification of photo approval, you will be informed via email of how your ID card can be obtained.  Please contact with any additional questions or concerns. 
Who is required to purchase a Fall 2021 Parking Decal?
The following students will be required to obtain a Fall parking decal:
•    Dolphin Cove residents who are parking on campus.
•    Returning students who are taking in-person classes for Fall.

Can I purchase my parking permit online?
Yes, please visit our Parking webpage at Parking permits can be obtained directly through our website and will be mailed to the decal registrant. 

Who do I contact if I have a hold from Auxiliary Services for parking tickets?
If you have a hold on your account for outstanding parking tickets, please contact us at for assistance.  Parking summonses can be paid through our webpage .

Campus Dining

Will CSI Campus Dining be open this fall 2021?
We’re happy to report that 1C Campus Dining service will be open for our Dolphin Cove residents, students, staff, and faculty and any guests that may be on campus.

What are the Campus Dining hours of operation?
For the start of the semester, we will be operating from 1C Main Café only. All other locations with the exception of the Halal Food Truck will remain closed until further notice. The Park Café menu is available for take-out only.

1C Main Cafe

  • Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 6PM
  • Friday: 8AM – 5PM
  • Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
  • Sunday: 11AM – 5PM

Please check the website for holiday and no class schedule hours.

What’s on the menu?

  • This semester we will have breakfast available all day in addition to having convenience breakfast food items available for purchase.
  • We have re-designed the servery and the flow of service in order to serve you as safely and quickly as possible. Our staff will gather your food choices for you, wrap and bag everything to-go.
  • As part of our redesign we have streamlined our menu choices to facilitate the best quality food items that can be packaged in this to-go format.
  • Additionally, Vending machines in Dolphin Cove North and South, 2N, 4N, 5N, 1P, 1S, 4S, 5S, 6S and in 1C will be available.
  • Food allergies and special dietary needs: We are eager and pleased to make any provisions necessary to accommodate special needs.

Who can I contact if I have questions, suggestions or concerns?
Contact the Campus Dining team to communicate any requests or suggestions. You can contact us via Email or Phone 718.982.3027

How can I pre-order for delivery or pick up?

  • Please download our mobile app for easy ordering. You can view our menus online from our website and our daily specials are posted on our Instagram page @CSIcampusdining All orders must be paid with either Dining Dollars (Meal Plan) or with FinBucks. We will deliver to the lobby of your dorm building, to the Halal cart in 1L, the front desk of 1R first floor and the patio outside 6S. You are responsible to collect your order from the there.  
  • In an effort to ensure the health of our students and staff, we recommend ordering in advance for pick-up. If you choose to come to the Campus Center you may order your food in person. All patrons will be expected to practice social distancing when ordering and picking-up their order.

What methods of payments are accepted?

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your patronage as we work to provide great food options in a safe and healthy environment.

I am feeling stressed and anxious about the upcoming semester.  Are personal counseling services available?

The Counseling Center is open Monday - Friday. All students still have virtual access to the Counseling Center to minimize the interruption to the learning environment caused by mental health concerns.  Secure video or telephone counseling is available, medication services continue, same-day virtual drop-in appointments may be made, and after-hours services remain in place.  Also, the virtual group program will commence once the semester begins.  For more information or to make an appointment, contact the Counseling Center at  If you have an immediate need to speak to a counselor, please call 718.982.2391. 

I want to utilize the services provided in Health and Wellness Services.  Are any options available?

Health and Wellness Services, including the Student Health Center, is available to all students for in-person visits in addition to virtual care appointments through telehealth. Appointments can be scheduled by calling the Health Center at 718-982-3045 or emailing
Most students will be able to have a physical exam for programs, sick visits, reproductive counseling, STI testing, and nutrition counseling. If you have questions about COVID-19 or other health concerns, please email

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or am considered a close contact to someone who tested positive?

The College is here to help you during this difficult time.

  • If you are a residential student, please notify a staff member at Dolphin Cove immediately by calling 718.982.3019.  More details about the residence halls and COVID-19 may be found at this link.  
  • All non-residential students should contact Danielle Dimitrov, Esq., Executive Director of Student Services and Student Affairs Coronavirus Liaison via email: or the Health Center via email at
  • The College follows contract tracing protocols in accordance with the City and State departments of health. It will need to know immediately if a student who tested positive for COVID-19 has been on campus for a class or other sanctioned visit.
  • For guidance on facilitating the requirements of the COVID-19 vaccination program and documentation associated with this process, please contact the designated Location Vaccine Authority, Linda Conte, Director of Health & Wellness Services or Terianne Darragh, Nurse Manager

The CSI Health Center staff will be in touch with students who test positive for COVID-19 to monitor symptoms and advise accordingly.  We also will assist with academic accommodations and emergency funding if qualified.  For more information about campuses processes related to COVID-19, please click this link.​

Contact The Provost's Office For Alternate Compatible Versions of the above PDFs

Athletics Re-opening Plan

The CSI Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation Department recently suspended all varsity intercollegiate competition for their sports teams for the Fall 2020 semester. Plans are in place to continue CSI's  progression within the East Coast Conference in NCAA Division II in 14 varsity sports, with play scheduled to resume in January, 2021.  Despite the lack of organized physical activity from a competitive standpoint, the program is working with city, state, and local officials, along with the ECC and the NCAA, to institute proper planning towards return-to-play initiatives.  A Resocialization Plan, that includes a phasing-in of activity, social-distancing protocols and testing measures, is currently being developed, to be implemented as facility opening and socialization efforts return to campus.

Sports and Recreation Center facilities remain closed at this time, but just as remote learning has emerged to the forefront during the pandemic, so too has remote activity with student-athletes adapting to remote strength and conditioning training and exercise regimens from the comforts of their own home. These initiatives will continue to the general student body, those both on and off campus, through the CSI Intramural program, which will offer activities for the general student population to take part in remotely, to strengthen both mind and body.  These initiatives will bolster Student Life on campus.  

CSI has also utilized the summer to fortify an official Esports team, to begin competitive play, remotely, within the ECC.  The coeducational sport is CSI's 16th varsity sport, and will commence competition in the fall in games such as Overwatch, League of Legends, and Valorant.  For full intramural schedules, to get involved in esports, and for general athletics updates, visit for more information.

CSI Athletics' top priority remains the health and safety of its constituents, and to keep communication lines clear during the process.  Up to the minute information on athletic activity, facility reopening, and in-person resocialization efforts can be found on CSI Athletics' Official COVID-19 Landing Page located HERE, or by visiting



Thank you for your interest in visiting CSI's magnificent campus.   As the health and safety of our guests is of our utmost concern, w​e have made the decision to place precautionary restrictions on visits and other events including the postponement of the scheduled departmental information sessions and campus tours. 

Our Recruitment and Admissions Virtual Office is open Monday - Friday, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm for live private chats with our staff.

As we  understand the importance of campus visits in your college selection process we have developed alternatives to assist you with your decision. 

Vaccination Verification

To provide a safe working and learning environment, no one will be allowed entry to campus unless they show proof of a negative COVID test or COVID vaccination.  

For employees who would like to share their vaccination status voluntarily, please use the Faculty and Staff Guide to Vaccination Verification to assist in uploading proof of your COVID vaccination to CUNYfirst. A helpful Acrobat PDF version of the Vaccination Verification User Guide for CUNY Employees containing graphics can be found on CUNY's website.


You can find instructions on how to create a shortcut on your iPhone/Android Phone/ Personal Computer to your personal Cleared4 URL on our website:

*Please note:  You will need to refresh your Cleared4 Pass by clicking "Show Access Pass" each day you enter campus.  This will produce a valid pass with the current date displayed.


COVID-19 Testing Program Launched (Faculty & Staff) - Message from the Chancellor

COVID-19 Testing Program for Faculty and Staff – Frequently Asked Questions


The CUNY Work/Life Program

The CUNY Work/Life Program is an important benefit for all employees and their families. The program is offered through CCA@YourService at no charge to the employee or members of the employee's family to help them balance the demands of their professional and personal lives. 

As schools announce their plans for virtual classrooms or limited, in-person instruction due to COVID-19, many working parents are in need of practical solutions. Please be reminded that you and your family have access to skilled researchers, committed to identifying custom-matched resources and referrals, including child care, tutoring, and social-emotional support. Free, confidential and available 24/7, CCA@YourService can help you balance work, family, and personal life, especially during these unprecedented times. 

Call 800-833-8707 or log onto  and use "cuny" for the Company Code to get started. 

Why do official email notifications go to my CIX account and not my personal email?
For security purposes, emails will NOT be sent to personal accounts.  You should check your CIX email frequently for official communications and updates.

Where can I find contact information for my professors and other College personnel and offices?
Effective communication is a key pillar of success, and we encourage students to be proactive in their approach to it.  Faculty will list their contact information on their syllabi, and Academic Departments and Student Services offices will include contact information on their respective webpages.  However, you may also use the CSI Directory to search for individuals by name or department.  Email is the preferred method of communication during the pandemic.

President's COVID - 19 Communications

Transportation beginning 8/23/2021 through the Fall Semester

Will the Ferry Shuttle Bus be in operation?
Yes, it will run Monday-Thursday on a modified 2 bus schedule from 7:35 a.m. to 7:35 p.m.  It will run Fridays on a modified 1 bus schedule from 7:35 a.m. through 3:35 p.m.  No shuttle service is provided on weekends.  Stops only at 1P to drop off and picks up at the shelter I front of 2A and the designated stop at the Ferry Terminal.

Will the Loop Bus be in operation?
Yes, it will run Monday-Friday on a modified 1 bus schedule from 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.  No loop service is provided on weekends.  Loop bus will service all 7 stops around campus running about every 15 minutes.

Is the MTA S93 Bus in operation?
Yes, but it will only be dropping off/picking up at the front gate. It will not be coming onto the campus.

Is the Accessibility Bus in operation?
Yes, it will run Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  No service is provided on weekends.

Do I have to wear a mask when riding the Ferry Shuttle, Loop Bus, S93, or Accessibility Bus?
Yes, masks are still required on all these forms of transportation.