Academic and Personal Counseling & Workshops

Beginning SEEK students are assigned a professional counselor with whom they are expected to meet frequently during the first year and beyond. At these counseling sessions, study skills, academic progress and education goals are discussed, and students can ask about course planning, majors and other academic issues. 

Counselors also offer guidance in other areas relevant to academic and professional success such as: time management, overcoming procrastination, problem solving, stress management, and goal setting. They also work with students to address important concerns, including relationships, finances and other personal challenges. Finally, the counselors offer group workshops on many related issues as well. 
Career Counseling & Workshops

SEEK counselors help investigate career options by discussing students’ skills, interests and values, along with various majors and careers. Also, the SEEK Program works in close partnership with CSI’s Center for Career and Professional Development to which students are referred for career testing, assessment and goal planning. In addition, the Center provides special SEEK career workshops throughout the academic year, and students can choose from the Center’s full roster of sessions about resume writing, other job search activities and more. 

Graduate School Advisement

SEEK counselors are available to discuss options for graduate school with students. Based on students' interests and career plans, counselors provide advisement about various graduate programs, admissions exams and financial aid opportunities. Students pursuing graduate degrees within the City University of New York (CUNY) may also wish to apply for the CUNY/CAP program, which provides tuition-free education along with part-time job placement within CUNY and/or participating high schools. Contact the program at 212.290.5709.