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Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute at CSI has been a preeminent forum for the exchange of best pedagogical practices, ideas, and innovations among educators, their schools, and the College community on Staten Island and beyond. Begun with a $6000 grant as the Discovery Center in 1987, and awarded Institute status by CUNY in 2001, The Discovery Institute is defined by its original commitment to discovery learning and contemporary goal of fostering high quality teaching, by way of offering professional development for pre-K-16 educators that is: 1) ongoing, intensive and connected to day-to-day practice; 2) focused on teaching and learning in specific academic content; and 3) designed to build strong working relationships among teachers within and across institutional contexts. By providing rich and targeted learning opportunities for teachers, the Discovery Institute aims to transform teaching itself, with the ultimate goal of providing all students access to the high-quality instruction they need and deserve to reach their highest potential as lifelong learners and productive citizens of our global world. 

Over the years The Discovery Institute has developed a meaningful partnership among the college, the local K-12 education community, and local and national businesses dedicated to increased student achievement primarily through improved teaching quality. Discovery Institute projects have produced dramatic results in the achievement of students, especially high-need students, and have been able to effect fundamental changes in the “culture” of partner schools. Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya, tenured professor of mathematics and science education of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is the director of The Discovery Institute.

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CSI Students Ken Gold Irina Lyublinskaya

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Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya

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