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Barbara DiCicco-Bloom

Associate Professor

Dr. Barbara DiCicco-Bloom has presented her research at numerous international, national, regional, and local conferences. She received the Silver Quill Award from Medical Education for her paper, “The Qualitative Research Interview,” and as of July 2019 it is the most highly cited article in the journal (based on citations in the last three years). Additionally, she was a finalist for the New York Times, “Tribute to Nurses Award.” 

Barbara’s most recent paper, “Secondary Emotional Labor: Supervisors Withholding Support and Guidance in Interdisciplinary Group Meetings in a Community Hospice Program,” published in the journal Work & Occupations, finds that nurses are better able to sustain the emotional demands of working with dying patients and their families if they are given the space to discuss and process their emotional labor in the presence of supervisors and colleagues.

Other work by Barbara has shown that primary care physicians who work with nurse practitioners tend to outsource more emotionally vulnerable and medically complex patients to their nurse colleagues (published in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners), and that the quality of communication and information sharing between physicians and nurses in primary care practices shapes patient care and organizational efficacy and flexibility (in Sociology of Health & Illness). She is currently engaged in an ethnographic study of competitive and cooperative dynamics between Hospice, Palliative Care, and Acute Care staff in a large tertiary medical center to further understand how interactions and meanings shape access to end of life care. 


Post Graduate Certificate in Health Services Research, University of Medicine and Dentistry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 2000

PhD, Nursing, New York University, Department of Nursing, 1996

Masters, Nursing, New York University, Department of Nursing, 1979

Scholarship and Publications

Accepted for Publication

DiCicco-Bloom Benjamin & DiCicco-Bloom, Barbara, “Talking Emotional Labor: Institutionalizing Emotional Support for Health Care Workers,” Edited Volume: Transcending Crisis: Carework, Emotions, and Flourishing. (to be published in the Fall     2022). 

Selected Recent Publications

DiCicco-Bloom, B., DiCicco-Bloom Benjamin, (2019) Secondary Emotional Labor:  Supervisors Withholding Support and Guidance in Interdisciplinary Group  Meetings in a Community Hospice Program,” Work and Occupations. First Published May 19, 2019. 

Nurse, Natasha, DiCicco-Bloom, B., Limba, R. (2019), “Application of Caring Theory to Nursing Care of Women Experiencing Stillbirth,” The Amercian Journal of Maternal Child Nursing, Jan/Feb; 44: (1) 27-32. doi: 10.1097/NMC.0000000000000494

Son, T, Lambert S, Jakubowski A, DiCicco-Bloom B, Loiselle CG. (2018) Adaptation of Coping     Together - a self-directed coping skills intervention for patients and caregivers in an outpatient hematopoietic stem cell transplantation setting: a study protocol. BMC Health  Services Research, 18:669 

Roye, C. and DiCicco-Bloom, B., 2016, March. A Comparison of HIV-Positive and Negative Black and Latina Women Living In HIV-Dense Neighborhoods. In Nursing Research  Vol. 65, No. 2, pp. E8-E8. 

DiCicco-Bloom B., DiCicco-Bloom, Benjamin (2016) “The Benefits of Fluid Alliancing: Respect and Information Sharing in Primary Care Practices.” The Sociology of Health and Illness. July; 38: (6) 965-979.

DiCicco-Bloom, B & Cunningham, R. (2015) “Complex patients and interprofessional relationships: Perceptions of primary care nurse practitioners and primary care physicians.” Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. March 11:         DOI: 10.1002/2327-6924.12241
Karsten, K., DiCicco-Bloom, B. (2014) "Acknowledging the Academic Rigor of  Associate Degree Nursing Education: A Grounded Theory Study of Overcoming  Failure,”T eaching and Learning in Nursing. October; 9 (4): 153–163. 

DiCicco-Bloom, B & Cunningham, R. (2013) “The Experience of Information Sharing among Primary Care Clinicians with Cancer Survivors and their Oncologists,” Journal of Cancer Survivorship: Research and Practice; 7 (1): 124-130.

Last Updated 2/25/2022

Barbara DiCiccio-Bloom

Contact Information

Office: Building 5S Room 107
Fax: 718.982.3813