Carol Hartman specializes in Medical Technology, including the fields of clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and transfusion medicine. She has worked in several area hospital laboratories, and supervised a private hematology/oncology laboratory practice. She then earned the Clinical Coordinator position of Point of Care testing at Richmond University Medical Center. Her research interests include placental pathology of very low birth weight twins. She also performed analysis of fatty acid methyl esters from krill species collected on a CSI research trip to Antarctica. The purpose of these analyses includes determining nutritional value to Antarctic seabirds,
whales, and other marine mammals. She also investigated krill nutritional value vs. declining sea ice extent due to global warming. Carol Hartman has been teaching Clinical Chemistry and general biology classes at CSI since 2005.


A.A.S. with honors, College of Staten Island

B.S. with honors, College of Staten Island

M.S. with honors, College of Staten Island

Scholarship / Publications

Research Grant given by Professional Staff Congress for molecular study of
Antarctic Organisms - 2003
Melvin Baumel Award - 2001
Saundra Frankel Award - 1994
Presidential Scholarship - 1993
Philip Schain Scholarship - 1993