Edward F. Meehan is known for his research in Experimental Analysis of Behavior and Behavioral Neuroscience, as well as his clinical work (trained by Albert Ellis) in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  Teaching statistics and experimental psychology for over 35 years, he has also conducted a wide range of behavioral research with children, college students and elder adults, as well as with pigeons; and designed/supervised the construction of the Department’s laboratory facilities.  Dr. Meehan’s current interests are: the effectiveness of Mindfulness training in the supervision of Applied Behavior Analysis interns; the effects of NMDA receptor antagonism during Pavlovian and operant learning (utilizing an avian model); the neuro-protective properties of Taurine; animal well-being; and fMRI patterns and wisdom.


PhD, Adelphi University, 1975

MA, Adelphi University, 1972

BA, Adelphi University, 1969

Scholarship / Publications

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