Professor Naro-Maciel’s research focuses on small populations, population connectivity, and dispersal using turtles and their communities as study organisms. Her conservation genetics research program centers around population structure and movements in globally endangered and threatened marine turtles of Brazil and the Central Pacific, as well as species identification and systematics of marine turtles. At CSI, she is also focusing on Freshkills Park, site of the infamous vast former landfill on Staten Island, a fascinating and ideal research site of global interest located only minutes from the College. Turtles are proving to be excellent organisms not only for conservation research, but also for engaging diverse individuals in key topics of population and community ecology through hands-on learning and as a case study.


Ph.D., Columbia University, New York

M.A., Columbia University, New York

Certificate in Environmental Policy, Columbia University, New York

B.S., Yale University, Connecticut

Scholarship / Publications

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