Dr. Lunney is a clinical nurse specialist in community health nursing, with a background in home care nursing and public health.  Since 1981, she has been active in development and advocacy for standardized nursing languages, especially nursing diagnoses as they apply to community health nursing. She has received local, national, and international honors for her research and writing. These include Sigma Theta Tau Distinguished Writer and Lecturer, New York State Nurses’ Foundation Distinguished Nurse Researcher of 2001, Fulbright Award to visit Japan, and NANDA International Mentor and Founder’s Awards. Currently she is conducting action research with nurses in end of life care.


AAS, Staten Island Community College

BS, Hunter College

MS, Hunter College

PhD, New York University


Scholarship / Publications

Lunney, M., McGuire, M. Endozo, N., & McIntosh-Waddy, D. (2010). Consensus validation identifies relevant nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions and health outcomes for people with traumatic brain injuries. Rehabilitation Nursing, 35 (4), 161-166.

Lunney, M. (2009). Critical thinking to achieve positive health outcomes:  Nursing case studies and analyses (2nd ed.). Ames, IA: Wiley-Blackwell. Translated to Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Lunney, M. (2008). Current knowledge related to intelligence and thinking with implications for the use and development of case studies. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications, 19, 158-162.