Max Gottlieb is a professor of Accounting and Information Systems.
Professor Max Gottlieb has established, jointly with Computer Science, a new degree program: Information Systems.  He served as a coordinator in Business department for this program.  He also has designed curriculum for several new courses for this degree.

Max Gottlieb has organized many training courses, called New York-The World Financial Center, for Polish managers, teaching them American business practices.

Prior to joining CSI Prof. Gottlieb has worked as a computer systems analyst and computer auditor.  He was also a consultant for the World Bank in the area of industrial projects for developing countries.  He is also a Certified Public Accountant.


BS, New York University

MBA, New York University

PhD, University of Gdansk


Scholarship / Publications

Max Gottlieb has written several books and articles on accounting and information systems.  Several of his publications have dealt with accounting in Eastern Europe during the transformation period from communism to market economy.