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Campus Center

The Campus Center brings together all members of the College of Staten Island community - students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. While each of these groups is important, it is the students who are at the heart of what the Campus Center is about.


Every student is welcome at the Campus Center. Every student has an equal share. By providing the opportunity for each student to come into contact with others, the Campus Center promotes an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the College of Staten Island and of the world at large.

The Campus Center fulfills this mission through its programs and services.

Students who create programs in the Campus Center complement their education with experience in group process, ethics, leadership, volunteerism and social responsibility. Students who attend these programs and participate in these activities enrich their education through learning, growth, and entertainment.

By encouraging personal growth, by supporting divergent thought and free expression, by celebrating the individual, and by providing an environment that fosters integrity and respect, the Campus Center exists as more than a building.

The Campus Center endeavors to meet the social, educational, and recreational needs of the College Community. As needs change, so too does the Campus Center

Contact Information

Tyler McLoughlin

Associate Director

Building 1C, Room 201
Email Tyler McLoughlin

Monday - Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Services of the Campus Center

The Campus Center is comprised of many operating areas and offices. Our public areas include the Green Dolphin Lounge, West Dining Room, and Rotunda - all on the main level of the Campus Center. On the second floor, the Campus Center offers students the opportunity to play games in the Game Room, watch movies in the Bijou, meet quietly and socialize in the Quiet Games Room. Also located on the second floor are a number of student organization offices including Student Government, Campus Activities Board, CSI NYPIRG, all student publications and other organizations.

Located in the Campus Center are the CSI Association office, Auxiliary Services, the  Multifaith Center, the Prayer and Meditation Room, The LGBTQ Resource Center,  Veterans Support Services, the Bookstore, Dining Services, WSIA-FM, Health and Wellness Center, and the Office of Student Life. Each of these offices serves the College Community in many different ways. Each area offers students the opportunity to help shape campus life through programs and services.

The Campus Center is wheelchair accessible with automatic doors located in the north main entrance and at the entrance to the CSI Bookstore near the south main entrance. There is an elevator on the south side of the building and accessible bathrooms on each floor.

The Campus Center offers students the only location on campus to rent lockers.

To find out more, just stop in the Office of Student Life and explore all that we have to offer to you.

The Campus Center offers students the only location to rent lockers anywhere on campus. By renting a locker here on campus, you have the opportunity to store items that you use daily or only once in a while. The centralized location in the Campus Center offers you the opportunity to stop by and grab a bite to eat, play a video game, study, or meet up with some friends - all this while just getting "stuff" from you locker!

Lockers are rented each semester for a cost of $10.00 for rental and $5.00 for a security deposit. All lockers come with a combination lock and easy access during the academic year. Lockers are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Students interested in renting a locker should come to the Office of Student Life located in the Campus Center (1C), room 201, Monday-Thursday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.