What is the CUNY Service Corps?

The CUNY Service Corps enables CUNY students to become more engaged in their communities throughout the city. Service Corps members are part of a University cohort of students practicing service that is aligned with their civic and professional goals. Service placements last twenty-four weeks over two semesters. Participants work 12 hours per week. Corps members are paid $12/hour, and in some instances earn college credit.

The program is organized around four thematic areas that represent both opportunity and need:

  • A Healthier City: members address important community and public health issues
  • A More Resilient and Greener City: members support projects related to improving the city’s built and green infrastructure and making it more resistant to storm-related damage.
  • A Better Educated City: members offer valuable supports to students of all ages, such as those in early childhood programs (and their families and caretakers), public middle and high school students, fellow CUNY students struggling with academic and personal challenges, and adult students learning English or preparing to take the High School Equivalency examination.
  • An Economically Stronger City: members focus on small business development, local budgeting, fundraising for nonprofits and community issues, financial literacy as well as helping eligible families to access tax credits in order to bolster the economic viability and success of distressed communities within the city.

How long does this program last? 

Typical assignments will last twenty-four weeks over two semesters. Participants are required to work 12 hours per week (at a rate of $12.00 an hour)

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for the CUNY Service Corps, students must:

  • Be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits) in the current semester and plan to enroll full-time next semester
  • Be working toward a degree (undergraduate or graduate) at one of the participating CUNY colleges
  • Have a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.5
  • Have earned at least 24 college credits by the end of the summer semester
  • Have addressed all remedial education needs prior to beginning fall classes
  • Please note that individuals not currently able to work in the U.S. may apply for the Service Corps, but their participation in the program is subject to changes in federal immigration law.


In addition, the CUNY Service Corps is interested in applicants who demonstrate that they:

  • Want to be part of a special and important program that will make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers
  • Are interested in helping people, neighborhoods, and/or organizations
  • Have some work experience in a job or as a volunteer or intern
  • Can balance work in the CUNY Service Corps with college studies by maintaining a 2.5 and above GPA in Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Show promise as a leader and a problem-solver
  • Are able to work as a member of a team


How do I apply?

Full time undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply.
Students must submit an online application for the academic year

  • Finalists will be interviewed in April, and students who are selected to interview with participating host sites will be notified in May.
  • Prospective Service Corps members must undergo a training program before their placements begin in August to be considered Service Corps Members.

To Apply Visit: http://www.cuny.edu/site/servicecorps.html

If you have additional questions contact:

Cheryl Barzey, CUNY Service Corps Manager
Center for Career and Professional Development
College of Staten Island