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International Student Career Resources

The United States visa process can be a confusing path to map out. From CPT vs. OPT to deadlines and conditions, the process sees upwards of 80% of international students returning home to their countries after graduation. The best way to land in the 20% that find successful employment is to fully understand the process from start to finish! Video provided by Candid Career. See more Candid Career Videos here!

The Center for Career and Professional Development is committed to assisting our international student population in gaining knowledge of professional development and employment opportunities and in developing the necessary skills to secure gainful employment in their chosen career field upon graduation.

      We can assist with the following:

      Center for Career and Professional Development staff members are available to help you navigate the American employment system. Schedule an appointment with one of our staff members for-

      Résumé assistance (converting your résumé or CV to an American style résumé)

      Interview skills (build off your current interview skills and learn how they will help you during the American employment interview process)

      Navigating the job market and searching for internships, volunteer, and employment opportunities (help focusing your search on employment that is best suited for your skills and career goals)

      To schedule an appointment, please email or log into your Handshake account account at

      The CSI Scholarship Program is open to all full-time CSI students who have achieved at least a 3.25 GPA, regardless of residency/immigration status. Applications become available during the fall semester, and the annual deadline occurs on the last business day of February. Students may pick up an application at the Institutional Advancement Office located in Building 1A-401, or download it from their website.

      The City University of New York also offers scholarship opportunities to its students. With the exception of a few programs, all students are welcome to apply regardless of whether they are a citizen or resident. These awards, along with a multitude of additional external scholarships, can be viewed by creating an account on Careers24/7 in order to access CSI’s Fellowship and Scholarship Database online. Students are advised to view all award categories that pertain to them; under each award, the eligibility criteria states whether citizenship or permanent residency is required.

      Students may also review a free search website containing numerous scholarships specifically for international students at:

      Students should consult with graduate admissions personnel at the school they wish to attend to ensure they have secured all necessary documentation. These requirements can include proof of immigration status and official transcripts from their home institution which may require translation into English. In addition to possible entrance exams such as the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), international students may be required to submit proof of English proficiency via the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

      International students should be aware that like undergraduate tuition rates, graduate tuition will also be significantly higher. For information regarding graduate programs at the College of Staten Island, contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, located in 2A-103, at 718-982-201
      For graduate programs within CUNY, students may visit:

      All students should exercise caution when searching for programs outside of CUNY (including CSI), because some websites contain programs from schools that have paid premiums to be featured on the website. These websites may not provide accurate information about the school’s ranking and reputation

      Students are encouraged to use Peterson’s Graduate and Professional Programs Guide, a reliable and trusted resource for graduate school information. Students may visit the CSI Library for access to this guide, which may only be used within the library facility.
      For comprehensive information regarding graduate study and personal statement writing, students may visit: