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Veteran’s Career Resources

The Center for Career and Professional Development is committed to assisting our veteran population in gaining knowledge of career development and employment opportunities and in leveraging their skills to secure gainful employment in their chosen career field upon graduation.  Our goal is to welcome transitioning military veterans to the Center and to encourage them to utilize the full range of the Center’s career and professional development and employment consultation services.

Veterans are part of a unique population. Unlike many traditional college students, veterans have already developed marketable employment training and experience in the military. Matching those acquired skills and experiences with potential majors and future employment goals can present challenges, just as the transition from the military to college and civilian life does. 

Career Resources for CSI Veterans

As a CSI student who is also a military veteran, you will find the career resources listed/linked below to be especially useful. Additional resources are available at the Center for Career and Professional Development and we encourage veteran students to visit our on campus and/or virtual center to discuss how their unique experiences can best be translated in to an informed career choice.  For a full list of the services and special events available, please follow the links below:

  • Career Assessment Tests
  • Translating military skills into civilian workforce
  • Military resumes and cover letter resources
  • Researching companies
  • Interviewing
    • Many civilian employers admit challenges when it comes to evaluating a veteran during a job interview. This is often because veterans have difficulty explaining how their military experience relates to the needs of the civilian employer. Veterans are ready to praise their team or unit, but are less likely to highlight their own achievements and accomplishments in the military or in their college careers. As a result, they often do not “sell themselves” for the qualified candidates they are.  It is important for veterans to keep in mind that the concept of "professional presentation" is often different for former military personnel than for civilians. Military personnel (particularly those recently separated/discharged from military service) will often present themselves with eyes forward, back straight, and using "Sir" and "Ma'am" vocabulary (often without much smiling). This behavior may sometimes be misperceived as cold, distant, unapproachable or demonstrating a lack of social skills. While this is generally not the case, these perceptions can sometimes threaten advancement in the interview process. Veterans should recognize that they need time and “practice” to begin to “speak freely" in the interview process and to experience a comfort level where they can represent themselves in the most positive light. Interview coaching, especially in the area of “competency-based” practices, can be very helpful to veterans launching a civilian internship or employment search. For additional assistance with practice interviewing skills, contact the Center for Career and Professional Development and the Veterans Support Center at CSI by visiting their homepages and/or scheduling an appointment for interview coaching.
      For additional assistance with career development skills, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development’s web page. Additional resources can also be found by visiting clicking on the Facebook link on the Center’s webpage.


  • The Gold Card Program!

    Any eligible veteran can present the Gold Card at his/her local One-Stop Career Center to receive enhanced intensive services including up to six months of follow-up. The enhanced in-person services available for Gold Card holders at local One-Stop Career Centers may include:

    • Job readiness assessment, including interviews and testing;
    • Development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP);
    • Career guidance through group or individual counseling that helps veterans in making training and career decisions;
    •  Provision of labor market, occupational, and skills transferability information that inform educational, training, and occupational decisions;
    •  Referral to job banks, job portals, and job openings;
    • Referral to employers and registered apprenticeship sponsors;
    • Referral to training by WIA-funded or third party service providers; and
    •  Monthly follow-up by an assigned case manager for up to six months.

    For more information on the Gold Card Program, contact

    Peter Romano (USMC)
    Veteran Recruiter
    Staten Island Workforce1 Career Center
    120 Stuyvesant Place, 3rd Floor
    Staten Island, New York 10301
    Phone (718) 285-8431

Or, visit them online at DoL VETS, NYS DoL Vet Services, Career One-Stops.

  • Register or log on to your “Careers 24/7” account and click on the  “Scholarship database”
  • For more information on eligibility for the College of Staten Island Scholarship Program, please visit the Institutional Advancement & External Affairs Office on campus in Building 1A, Room 401C or telephone 718.982.2332