Through the Study Abroad Peer Advisor Program, the Center for Global Engagement provides leadership and professional development opportunities to our returnees. The Center also benefits from student voice and representation to promote the message of the Center. Additionally, the Study Abroad Peer Advisor program fosters increased awareness of study abroad opportunities, benefits, and scholarships to the CSI community, and allows for future study abroad participants to gain firsthand knowledge of the programs.

The Program

Those students who are selected to be Study Abroad Peer Advisors will complete an initial two-hour training and then be required to participate in monthly meetings throughout the academic year. The time commitment, including training, meetings, and regularly scheduled peer advising hours will be approximately 2-5 hours per week, depending upon students’ availability and the schedule of activities and/or events. While not required, Study Abroad Peer Advisors are strongly encouraged to attend events held by the Center, including International Coffee Hours and World on Wednesday (WOW) lectures. Upon successful completion of the Program, including participation in program evaluation, Study Abroad Peer Advisors will be recognized with a certificate of completion from the Center for Global Engagement.

Study Abroad Peer Advisor Responsibilities

  • Tabling
  • Posting flyers
  • Assisting with advising
  • Completing research
  • Participating in info sessions
  • Speaking at pre-departure orientations
  • Participating in student panels
  • Representing CSI and the Center at local study abroad fairs as well as other events held on campus
  • Blogging for Dolphins Across the Seven Seas
  • Editing promotional materials

How to Get Involved

Study Abroad Peer Advisors, who must be study abroad alumni, are recruited prior to the start of each academic year. After submitting an application, qualified applicants will be asked to participate in an interview with the Education Abroad Staff, after which a small group of exemplary candidates will be chosen as Study Abroad Peer Advisors.

If you are interested in becoming a Study Abroad Peer Advisor or have questions about the program, please contact 718.982.2100.

Meet the Study Abroad Peer Advisors

  • Steven Arriaga, Paris, FRANCE, Summer 2014
  • Thomas Giordano, Thessaloniki, GREECE, Spring 2014
  • Amanda Ramos, Florence, ITALY, Winter Intersession 2014
  • Alexis Rizzica, Florence, ITALY, Fall 2013
  • Jessica Schoberl, Florence, ITALY, Winter Intersession 2014