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Handicapped Parking Information

Center for Student Accessibility

Handicapped Parking Information

In order to park in any of the College’s parking lots, YOU MUST OBTAIN A PARKING DECAL, which may be purchased at the beginning of each semester at the Campus Center (1C).

Each parking lot has a number of reserved handicapped parking spaces. If you wish to use these reserved spaces, your car must have:

  • A New York State Handicapped license plate OR
  • DMV Parking Permit (blue hangtags), plus a special decal obtained from parking services OR
  • A CSI Temporary Disabled Parking Pass obtained from Health Center

The CSI Auxiliary Parking Services will ticket any car in the handicapped spaces that does not have one of the above.

Those wishing to obtain permits must register with the Center for Student Accessibility (1P), Room 101, to park in the designated handicapped spaces on campus. A separate decal will be issued and must be displayed on your vehicle.

Unauthorized handicapped parking subjects violators to a fine.

CSI Temporary Disabled Parking Pass

If you have a temporary disability (broken bone, recent surgery, etc.) you can obtain a parking pass that will enable you to park closer to the buildings. In order to obtain the pass you must:

  • Apply in person at the Health Center, located in the Campus Center 1C Room 112.
  • After approval by the medical staff, go to Auxiliary Services 1C Room 208, and they will issue the temporary disabled parking pass.
  • All such passes will be valid for a period not to exceed 60 days.