Resource Center for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Faculty & Staff Resources

  • Working with an American Sign Language Interpreter
     An interpreter’s role is to facilitate communication and convey all auditory and signed information so that both hearing and deaf individuals may fully interact.  For more information on Interpreting, please consult this PEPNet Fact Sheet.
  • Working with a CART Provider
    Communication Access Realtime Translation is an accommodation for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals who may or may not know Sign Language and have hearing loss.

CSI Resources

  • Letter to CSI Faculty
    All faculty with a Deaf student enrolled in their class receive a letter at the beginning of a semester to introduce them to the idea of working with an ASL Interpreter. RCD contact information is available on the letter for further questions or comments. Together, the RCD coordinator and CSI professor can provide a fully accessible CSI classroom experience. All CUNY Colleges are encouraged to use this letter as a template for their own programs.