Loop Bus Schedule August 16 through December 23rd, 2021

Weekday Schedule (Monday through Friday) - 1 Bus 8:00am through 4:00pm
It will run approximately every 15 minutes
Saturday and Sundays No Service

Local is defined as all 7 stops around campus.
Loop Bus will stop at 1P immediately after picking up at the Front Gate where all passengers must disembark for Safety Check Protocals. Passengers may then re-enter the Loop Bus to continue on the route.

A copy of this schedule is available on the College's Website.
There is no service on Sat. and Sun.

Additional information or suggestions on service improvements can be directed to Operational Services at operationalservices@csi.cuny.edu

NOTE: This schedule is a guideline and is subject to change at anytime without notice due to traffic, construction, or weather conditions. Every attempt will be made to adhere to this schedule within our control