Ferry Shuttle Departure and Arrival Times

From you mobile device or computer you can see arrival and departure times as well as view on a google map where the bus is located.  Visit http://transportation.csi.cuny.edu/tiki/tiki-index.phpBus tracking is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Ferry Shuttle Service for Commencement GradWalks

Ferry Shuttle Service

CSI Ferry Shuttle Bus

Ride the CSI Ferry Shuttle Bus between CSI and the St. George Ferry.
Pickup at CSI is in front of building 2A at the Ferry Shuttle Shelter.
If you need additional information regarding the Shuttle Bus,
please call Operational Services at 718-982-3220.

Please note that buses can be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.

CSI - St.George Ferry Shuttle Departure Times

Effective August 23 through December 23

Monday through Thursday

2 Bus  Schedule
St. George   CSI 
A 7:35 A 8:05
A 8:35 A 9:05
A 9:35 A 10:05
A 10:35 A 11:05
A 11:35 A 12:05
B 12:35 B 1:05
A 1:05 A 1:35
B 1:35 B 2:05
A 2:05 A 2:35
B 2:35 B 3:05
A 3:05 A 3:35
B 4:05 B 4:35
B 5:05 B 5:35
B 6:05 B 6:35
B 7:05 B 7:35


Friday Schedule

1 Bus Schedule
St. George   CSI 
 7:35  8:05
 8:35  9:05
 9:35  10:05
 10:35  11:05
 11:35  12:05
 12:35  1:05
 1:35  2:05
 2:35  3:05

Saturday Schedule - No Buses Running

This schedule is a guideline and is subject to change at anytime without notice due to traffic congestion, construction or weather conditions. Every attempt will be made to adhere to this schedule within our control.

Additional information or suggestions on service improvements can be directed to Operational Services at at operationalservices@csi.cuny.edu

Updated 8/23/2021