Summer STEAM Camp at CSI: 

Campers can unleash their creativity this summer when they are empowered to be as creative as they were all born to be! Every program is powered by the campers’ imagination, and designed to bring their ideas to life in a fun, hands-on, learning program based around science, technology, engineering, art and math. STEAM activities will prepare students for success in the upcoming school year and beyond. Interested in finding engaging and educational activities for your child this summer?

Register for one of our Open Houses:

  • Friday, March 22nd at 5:30 pm
  • Saturday. April 6th at 10 am

Location: Building 2M on CSI’s Main Campus: 2800 Victory Boulevard

Come to an open house and meet instructors! 718.982.2182

From concept to creation, students will demonstrate their masterpiece to the world at the end of each week!

  • Minecraft Modders 7/8-7/11 9 am -12 pm
  • ForteNite Battle Royale 7/8-7/11 1pm-4 pm
  • Roblox 7/15-7/18 9 am- 12 pm
  • Roblox Makers 7/15-7/18 1pm-4 pm
  • CodeBreakers 7/22-7/25 9 am- 12pm
  • Python Programmers 7/22- 7/25 1pm-4 pm
  • Make Your First Video Game 7/29-8/1 9 am -12 pm
  • Video Game Animation 7/29-8/1 1pm-4 pm
  • Virtual Reality 8/5-8/8 9am-12 pm
  • ForteNite Battle Royale 8/5-8/8 1pm-4 pm
  • Adventures in Augmented Reality 8/12-8/15 9am-12pm
  • Make Your First 3 D Video Game 8/12-8/15 1pm-4 pm