Site Hardscape and Gutters and Leaders

Stantec has been retained to review and design new front plazas in the Academic Quads to address current deteriorating conditions. The design of the four (4) new plazas addresses grade conditions, provide ADA access and improve the overall drainage. Gutters and Leaders with a storm water detention system have been installed on the four academic buildings and the three administrative buildings.  The retention tanks for the storm water runoff have been configured to allow for connection into the College’s irrigation system in the future.  The Project is slated to be completed by the Fall 2018 semester

Permanent Above Ground Fuel Oil Tank

Loring Engineers has designed an above ground fuel oil tank with enclosure in Parking Lot seven. Island Pump and Tank, the General Contractor, has begun the installation and will have the project completed by August 2018. 

Soccer Field Reconstruction

Rader + Crews, LLC Consultants have been selected to develop design and construction documents as well as provide administration services for upgrading the College Soccer Field. The work shall include installation of a 1000 seat set of bleachers with an accessible ramp and 12 accessible spaces, a press box, a public address system, concrete walkways, perimeter fence and gates.

Building 2M CUNY 2020

As a continuation of the adaptive reuse of building 2M, CSI was awarded funds to construct offices, collaborative spaces and graduate studies areas to support the College’s collaborative Center for Big Data Analysis proposal. Demolition work has begun on the first floor of the south wing.  The College anticipates the construction being bid in the Spring 2018 with work to begin Mid-Summer 2018.

Pool Dehumidification

This project consists of the replacement of the pool air handling unit in the Sports and Recreation Center.  The existing unit will be removed and replaced with a new unit on a structural steel frame. This unit will condition the air as well as use the discharge to heat the pool water.  Exposed ductwork will be run on the roof and drop through connecting to new ductwork with the Natatorium.  Work will begin on May 7, 2018 with a completion date of August 15, 2018.

Campus Concrete Sidewalk replacement

The College will begin the phased replacement of large areas of deteriorated concrete walkways. This work will be contracted through the Dormitory Authority (DASNY). The first phase of this work will focus on the north and south academic loops, as well as the peripheral walkways around the 1C Campus Center and the 1L Library. Work is expected to begin during the summer of 2018.

Storage Shed

This project consists of designing a 4800 sf Pre-fab steel building to house a Garage Facility that will provide storage for the College’s equipment and vehicles, thus keeping them out of the elements which will prolong the life expectancy of the vehicles and other such equipment. Scope of work for this projects shall include, but is not limited to, clearing of the site, underground utilities relocation, concrete footings, walls and slab on grade, traffic coated flooring, large overhead coiling doors, skylights for natural lighting, general lighting, power and life safety, gas fired unit heaters, hose bibs.

Media Screening Room

This project consists of renovating an existing 1,100 sf Screening Room (Building 1P, Room 223) into a new Media Screening Room which will house state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment along with dimmable LED lighting. The existing room will be reconstructed, and work includes but is not limited to removal of the existing finishes, ceiling and select walls to allow for the design of new walls, new acoustical panels, relocated and new sprinkler heads, HVAC ductwork, diffusers and grills, electrical and ceiling, painting, new carpet and new seating. The newly renovated room will meet all current codes and be ADA compliant.

Turf Replacement

This project consists of turf installation at Baseball Field, Softball Field and Soccer Field.

At the Baseball Field, this project shall include removal of the existing natural surface and installation of synthetic turf to the entire complex as well as a new drainage system.

At the Softball Field, this project shall include removal of the 2003 existing turf, laser grade and level new outfield, as well as adding additional turf to the warning track and foul territory with the infield remaining dirt.

At the Soccer Field, this project shall include removal of the 2003 existing turf, edit laser grade and level so the whole area inside the fenced complex is turf.

Existing sod shall be cut, rolled and palletized for reuse elsewhere on campus.

Improvements to the Track and Field Site

This project consists of replacing the existing track to a BSS 1000 Dual Durometer, the optimal surface for training and competing. Its bioengineered force reduction layer integrates very fine SBR rubber with environmentally friendly polyurethane to create an impermeable shock-absorbing cushion. The choice of embedded, encapsulated or Hobart textured EPDM granules are mixed throughout the top wear layer giving your athletes total control.  Additionally a synthetic grass system and drainage on the infield and the installation of utilities to include power, data, and water, where appropriate, to provide series for new scoreboard, sound system and water connection. Installation of fencing for throwing area, as well as, but not limited to installation of throwing, sand pit areas, shot put, pole vault. Scope of work includes increasing the seating capacity to 1500. The objective is a Multipurpose Track & Field facility for an NCAA Men’s and Women’s Track & Field Team.