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About Us

The Faculty Center for Professional Development (FCPD), through its staff, website, programs, and facilities, is a resource dedicated to support faculty and address their varied career needs related to teaching, research, scholarship, and self-development.

Established in 2011, following the traditions established by precursor entities, the Center for Excellence in Learning Technologies (CELT) and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the College of Staten Island, the Faculty Center for Professional Development was created to provide leadership, training and ongoing support for media, instructional technology and pedagogy across the disciplines and in traditional, web-enhanced, hybrid and fully asynchronous online courses.  The Faculty Center exists to serve all faculty -- full-time and part-time, current and retired -- by promoting innovation, professional development and community.

It also offers a dedicated space for faculty development workshops, informal contacts between faculty across a broad spectrum of activities, and facilities for individual teaching and research.

The College of Staten Island is committed to supporting innovating and effective teaching and learning for faculty and professional staff members and aims to achieve this by:

  • Establishing the Center as one that supports professional development to enhance effective instruction inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Establishing the Center as one that offers a variety of professional development programs that will focus on evidence-based best teaching practices; equity and innovative pedagogy; and support course developments and redesigns;
  • Establishing the Center as one that would foster a vibrant culture of learning based on collaboration, teamwork, and shared vision; and
  • Affirming that the Center will support teaching and learning in all forms for all staff and faculty at the College of Staten Island.


The Steering Committee of the Faculty Center for Professional Development serves to promote and support faculty growth and the development of at the College of Staten Island.  The Steering Committee meets once a semester to identify and help shape priorities and strategic directions for the Center, plan initiatives and events, and participate in coordinating workshops and activities with Faculty Center staff.

AY 2023 – AY 2024 MEMBERS

Mary Boland, Professor (English)
Christina Boyle, Assistant Professor (Library)
Valkiria Duran, Lecturer (Psychology)
Hosu Kim, Associate Professor (Sociology)
Sarah Pollack, Associate P​rofessor (World Languages & Literatures)
Bethany Rogers, Professor (​Educational Studies)
Russell Rosen, Lecturer (World Languages & Literatures)​
Shiryn Sukhram, Assistant Professor (Biology)
Mohamed Talafha, Lecturer (Mathematics)
George Vachadze, Professor (Economics)
Wilma Jones, Professor (Director, Faculty Center for Professional Development

In support of the Faculty Center for Professional Development, the Steering Committee will promote the following:

  • Events and workshops: provide opportunities from respected authorities in the field to share ideas that include the implementation of specific pedagogies, technologies, engagement and motivation strategies, high-impact practices, and other classroom innovations;
  • Teaching & Learning Proposals: provides an opportunity for faculty to improve student learning by providing them with support for major course development or course enhancement efforts.
  • Faculty Interests Groups: groups of faculty and staff members who meet regularly to discuss pedagogical issues, exchange ideas about classroom practice, share trouble shooting advice; and address concerns particular to their group
  • Library Trove: provides a website of a collection of books, journals, videos, and websites on scholarly research, teaching practices, assessment, and more; and
  • Wellness Resource: provides specific programming to support wellness of faculty, as well as provide them with resources to support students and their well-being.

In addition to our online offerings, the Faculty Center for Professional Development currently consists of two rooms, the main Faculty Center Lounge (1L-203), and the Blackboard Services Lab (1L-208). The Faculty Center Lounge is a 'Faculty only' space where individuals can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere where they can meet with colleagues, utilize the work and conference space, or simply relax. The Blackboard Services Lab is a space providing access to computers, scanners, and other amenities to Faculty and Staff to outline, design, create, and implement course materials for use upon Blackboard. The Services Lab also serves as a help desk where Faculty and Staff can go for Blackboard help and assistance.


  • Faculty members can reserve the Faculty Center Lounge (1L-203) for special events by submitting a request here