FCPD offers a wide variety of programs, interactive organizations, self-help materials, group and 1-on-1 mentoring and collaboration opportunities through its staff, and facilities, all designed as part of our ongoing dedication to being an integral resource to faculty in support of their varied career needs related to teaching, research, scholarship, and self-development. 

Online Course Training & Support:

Blackboard Basics Course (Bb Basics)

Bb Basics is a self-paced course introducing CSI instructors to the various features and tools within the current installation of the Blackboard Learning Management System (Bb) currently available to CUNY instructors. It is designed to better equip instructors with all the tools and tasks necessary to more successfully teach in a fully remote environment. It also provides the neccesary completion certificate required for access to the higher level training courses being offered by the Faculty Center, as well as, CUNY SPS's Online Initiative Training Programs.  


Bb Basics takes aproximately about 6-7 hours to complete in full. Less for those already somewhat familiar with the Bb LMS platform.


The Faculty Center is currently offering 1 Ongoing Winter 2021 Intersession Cohort of Bb Basics Course. Please email Faculty Center Training Program Coordinator Kristen Lindtvedt at Kristen.Lindtvedt@csi.cuny.edu to enroll.

In May 2020, the Faculty Center unveiled a new course focused on pedagogical best practices required for teaching successfully online, Teaching Remotely: Pedagogical Practices & Practical Skills (TRPP). TRPP is an advanced-level course designed to fully instruct teaching faculty at CSI in the actions and preferred techniques required to effectively stage and develop fully online courses. 

TRPP highlights a more synchronous, low stakes assessment infused teaching model. It specifically focuses on the pedagogical techniques needed to re-frame courses from a face-to-face or hybrid modality, to a fully remote, student centered learning experience.  It showcases preferred techniques of effective, more holistic online course development using proven practices designed to enhance student learning outcomes, and increase student retention within a fully remote teaching environment.

TRPP is intended for CSI faculty who have already completed the prerequisite Bb Basics Training Course (or equivalent basics training). It is an intensive but self-paced course, taking approximately 15 to 20 hours to complete in full.

The Faculty Center is currently offering 1 Ongoing Winter 2021 Intersession Cohort of the TRPP Course. Please email Faculty Center Training Program Coordinator Kristen Lindtvedt at Kristen.Lindtvedt@csi.cuny.edu to enroll.

You asked, we listened!  In Spring of 2020, teaching faculty began requesting more individualized and small group training opportinities. In response to these requests for more flexiable, ongoing assistance the Faculty Center launched the Virtual Drop-in Center. The Drop-in Center is an online chat space designed specifically for faculty to come and ask questions pertaining to online course pedagogy, Blackboard, and any other academic technology items you need assistance with.
Need help setting help creating a communications strategy for your online or hybrid coursse? Need help creating and/or deploying tests in Bb? Unsure how to create assignment submission links or collect and review papers, assignments, or other assessment items? Have another question? If so, stop by one (or more) of our Virtual Drop-in Center hours listed on our weekly schedule. We offer at least three to four hours worth of sessions each day throughout the course of semester, all of which are manned by one of the Faculty Center's Instructional Design and Learning Management System Specialists.

There is no sign-up needed to attend any of the drop-in session we hold!  To attend, simply check the calendar of sessions located HERE and click on the links provided.  Access links open approximately 10 minutes before the start of the session dates and times listed on the weekly calendar. Once clicked, Blackboard Collaborate will appear at the top of the screen. It will show the specific training session you are joining and offer a place for you to type your name (please enter both your first and last name). Select Join Session after typing your full name.

The Remote Course Resource Center (RCRC) is an online help community created by the Faculty Center and launched in August 2020. It directly builds on the Bb Basics, SPS OTE, and CSI Teaching Remotely courses, shifting focus from the pedagogical tenets of course design to the physical tasks of building a fully online course within Blackboard.  Focusing broadly on the needs of instructors throughout CSI, the RCRC is designed to be a more collaborative yet strategically guided environment. It maintains a step-by-step, modular format that walks participants through the process of building a fully functioning online courses from start to finish.

The RCRC serves as an ongoing direct connection to the guidance, tools, and one-on-one assistance needed to help CSI faculty be successful in building highly effective online courses. While it is designed to be easily navigated and utilized independently by faculty in a similar manner as the self-paced Bb Basics course, it also functions as a hub for interdisciplinary faculty engagement and collaboration. This purposeful structure allows faculty participants to receive both guidance from the Faculty Center and water cooler-style peer feedback from the Instructor Chat Forum throughout the build process, from course outline to deployment. A new, more innovative process by which faculty can create remote courses on Bb.

Access to the Resource Center is available to all teaching faculty and staff who complete the Bb Basics and SPS OTE or Teaching Remotely courses, or other equivilent training. It contains complete access to the entire range of training and support needed to build remote courses to completion including all aspects of Blackboard LMS training and support, pedagogical materials, course construction best practices, and discipline-specific and library resources. It also includes a full schedule of virtual drop-in sessions and faculty led synchronous group support and mentoring sessions as indicated weekly by the Faculty Center team.​

Please email Faculty Center Training Program Coordinator Kristen Lindtvedt at Kristen.Lindtvedt@csi.cuny.edu to enroll.