Blackboard Basics Course

Faculty Center Summer 2020 Remote Teaching & Learning Training Program

Blackboard Basics Course: 
The new Bb Basics course will give you the basic skills and certification you need to move forward teaching fully online in the summer and further prepare you for the fall 2020 semester. The course is designed to be a self-paced general overview of the basic tools and functions inside CUNY’s current installation of Blackboard. And once completed will provide you with completion certificate required for access to the higher level training courses being offered as part of CUNY’s Online Initiative Training Program.
The Faculty Center is offering 12 cohorts of the Bb Basics Course: 
Cohort 1 – Begins on 5/18/2020
Cohort 2 - Begins on 5/25/2020
Cohort 3 – Begins on 6/1/2020
Cohort 4 – Begins on 6/8/2020
Cohort 5 – Begins on 6/15/202
Cohort 6 – Begins on 6/22/2020
Cohort 7 - Begins on 6/29/2020
COHORT 8 - Begins on 7/13/2020
COHORT 9 - Begins on 7/20/2020
COHORT 10 - Begins on 7/27/2020
NEW COHORT 11 - Begins on 8/03, enrollment closing at 5pm on Friday, July 31
NEW COHORT 12 - Begins on 8/10, enrollment closing at 5pm on Friday, August 7
If you would like to enroll in one of the above cohorts, or would like additional information please email Kristen Lindtvedt at to enroll.​

Remote Teaching and Learning: Pedagogical Practices & Practical Skills Course

Teaching Remotely: Pedagogical Practices & Practical Skills Course
The Faculty Center for Professional Development (FCPD) is excited to offer a new course, Teaching Remotely: Pedagogical Practices & Practical Skills. This 2-week advanced-level course has been developed as an equivalent alternative to the CUNY Online Initiative's SPS OTE course. It has been designed to fully instruct teaching faculty, department facilitators and course developers at CSI in the actions and preferred techniques required to effectively stage and develop fully online courses.
FCPD's Teaching Remotely course highlights a more synchronous, low stakes assessment infused teaching model. It specifically focuses on the pedagogical techniques needed to re-frame courses from a face-to-face or hybrid modality, to a fully remote, student centered learning experience.  It showcases preferred techniques of effective, more holistic online course development using proven practices designed to enhance student learning outcomes, and increase student retention within a fully remote teaching environment.
The course is intended for CSI instructors who have already completed the prerequisite Bb Basics Training Course (or equivalent basics training). It is an intensive but self-paced course, taking approximately 15 to 20 hours to complete in full.
The Faculty Center will be offering six cohorts of the course as follows:
Cohort 1 - Begins Monday, July 6, 2020
Cohort 2 - Begins Monday, July 13, 2020
COHORT 3 - Begins Monday, July 20, 2020
COHORT 4 - Begins Monday, July 27, 2020
COHORT 5 - Begins Monday, August 3, enrollment closing at 5pm on Friday, July 31.
NEW COHORT 6 - Begins Monday, August 10
, enrollment closing at 5pm on Friday, August 7.
If you would like to enroll in one of the above cohorts, or would like additional information please email Kristen Lindtvedt at to enroll.​

Building Remote Courses- A NEW Online Course Resource for CSI Faculty!- Faculty Center

Building Remote Courses - A NEW Online Course Resource for CSI Faculty!
The Faculty Center for Professional Development (FCPD) is excited to offer a new online resource for CSI faculty! 
Building Remote Courses is a resource center created as the final component of professional support to teaching faculty in completing their Fall 2020 courses. It directly builds on the Bb Basics, SPS OTE, and CSI Teaching Remotely courses, shifting focus from the pedagogical tenets of course design to the physical tasks of building a fully online course within Blackboard.  Focusing broadly on the needs of instructors throughout CSI, Building Remote Courses is designed to be a more collaborative yet strategically guided environment. It maintains a step-by-step, modular format that walks participants through the process of building a fully functioning Fall 2020 course from start to finish.
The Building Remote Courses Resource Center serves as an ongoing direct connection to the guidance, tools, and one-on-one assistance needed to help CSI faculty be successful in building highly effective online courses. While it is designed to be easily navigated and utilized independently by faculty in a similar manner as the self-paced Bb Basics course, it also functions as a hub for interdisciplinary faculty engagement and collaboration. This purposeful structure allows faculty participants to receive both guidance from the Faculty Center and water cooler-style peer feedback from the Instructor Chat Forum throughout the build process, from course outline to deployment. A new, more innovative process by which faculty can create remote courses on Bb for use during the Fall 2020 semester and beyond.
This new interactive online resource will be available to all teaching faculty and staff who complete the Bb Basics and SPS OTE or Teaching Remotely courses. It will contain complete access to the entire range of training and support needed to build remote courses to completion including all aspects of Blackboard LMS training and support, pedagogical materials, course construction best practices, and discipline-specific and library resources. It will also include a full schedule of virtual drop-in sessions and faculty led synchronous group sessions as indicated weekly by the Faculty Center team.​

Student Success Institute

Program Description

The Student Success Institute is sponsored by Academic Affairs/Undergraduate Studies & Student Success and the Faculty Center for Professional Development. The institute supports adjunct faculty members in developing and implementing instructional strategies that support students’ academic success. Student Success Fellows who are accepted to participate in the institute meet with faculty facilitators, as well as with guest faculty presenters, to read and discuss research on enhancing students’ sense of belonging and supporting students’ learning-to-learn skills (e.g., note-taking, group participation). They develop student success strategies to implement with their own students, and share their strategies and results with other faculty members.


Student Success Institutes Fellows


Spring 2019 Fellows

  • Stephanie Corrente - English
  • Camille Gallo - Management
  • Yuxin Hou – Sociology & Anthropology
  • Jennifer Macchiarola - Nursing
  • Russ Morisi – History
  • Margot Nasti – English
  • Mark Stumacher – Marketing

Spring 2018 Fellows

  • Kuan-Yi Chen – Sociology & Anthropology
  • Janice Fioravante - English
  • Sharifa Hampton - English
  • Per Janson - Performing and Creative Arts
  • Emma Johnson – Media Culture
  • Rachel Kovacs – Media Culture
  • Martina Mims – Performing and Creative Arts
  • Leonardo Pignataro – Biology
  • Linda Revenson - Mathematics

Spring 2017 Fellows

  • Cliff Abdool - Business
  • Anjail Ameen-Rice – Social Work
  • Aysenur Ataman – Psychology
  • Stephen Fried - English
  • Juliette Goulet - Biology
  • David Loncle – Performing and Creative Arts & Core 100
  • Hemalatha Navaratne – Political Science & Global Affairs
  • Rachel Sanchez - English
  • Lidiya Tornyova - Psychology

Institute Co-Facilitators:

  • David Allen, Curriculum & Instruction, School of Education
  • Hildegard Hoeller, English

Full-time faculty members who have presented at Student Success Institute workshops:

  • Rosanne Carlo – English
  • Mario D’Alessandro – Student and Enrollment Services
  • Michael Paris – Political Science & Global Affairs
  • Donna Scimeca – CORE Program

Career Readiness Initiative

Career Readiness Initiative
The Faculty Center will host a series of events such as Panels, Presentations, and Workshops on Career Readiness. The focus of these events will be to discuss career readiness competencies like critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, oral and written communication, leadership, work ethic, digital technology, intercultural awareness, and career management. The idea is to bring faculty and staff together as they discuss how each of these competencies are addressed in their respective programs and classroom practice.

Writing Across the Curriculum

Every spring semester, the Faculty Center hosts a group of Faculty Members and CSI Writing Fellows as they join to discuss various topics related to Writing Across the Curriculum. Under this program, presenter such as Dennis Bublitz, a CSI WAC Fellow and a PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center, have discussed how to effectively use Blackboard to supplement regular class instruction. He has shared ideas for short online writing assignments and demonstrated how participation on Blackboard can help students engage with course materials.
Moreover, Michael Rolland and Gustavo Jimenez, CSI WAC Fellows and PhD students at the CUNY Graduate Center, have given use presentation on best practices in teaching multilingual writers in classes across the curriculum. 
Finally, Prabin Subedi and Stephen Spencer, CSI WAC Fellows and PhD students at the CUNY Graduate Center, have talked about ways to align assignments with course learning outcomes.
The titles of each of these presentations were:
Writing Across the Curriculum: Using Blackboard For Low-stakes Writing Assignments
Writing Across the Curriculum: Multilingual Students in the College Classroom
Backward Design: Connecting Learning Outcomes with Assignment
It is important to note that the Writing Across the Curriculum is Initiative of the English Department at the College of Staten Island. Past and current leaders of this initiative are:
Professor Gloria Gianoulis
Professor Harry Thorne
Rosanne Carlo
Please join us when we once again put in place another Writing Across the Curriculum event intended for all faculty members at CSI.