Office Hours

Reprographics operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Reprographics provides duplicating, printing and print related services to departments throughout the campus.

Contact Information

Building 1M, Room 204
Phone : 718.982.3238, 3234. 3232, 3233 or 3231

Reprographic Services 
Types of Services Provided: Reprographics offers the following type of services:

  • High speed photocopying-Black & White and Color
  • Offset Printing-one or two color
  • Collating-twenty stations-booklet
  • Large Format Printing (24” max width)
  • Laminating (24” max width)
  • Scoring, Folding, Trimming and Cutting
  • Padding
  • 3 hole punch
  • Stitching
  • Binding-tape and glue

Types of Material Produced: Reprographics is capable of producing the following items:

Ads Announcements Applications
Booklets Books Brochures
Bulletins Business Cards Catalogues
Certificates Covers Envelopes
Exams Fax Cover Sheets Flyers
Forms Hand Outs Inviations
Letterhead Manuals NCR Forms
Newsletters Pamphlets Postcards
Programs Questionnaires Reply Cards
Reports Tickets (non-numbered) Posters (24" max width)

Copyright Infringement Reminder

Work Request Forms 
Requests must be accompanied by a completed Reprographics Request Form, which must be approved by the department director or chairperson. Please contact Phil Halsey at extension 3238 to discuss your print requests early in the planning process.

Reprographics can now print from a hard copy, email, CD or flash drive. If you wish to have your copies made from a disk, please send the labeled disk with the completed work order, outlining the name of the file to be copied. Remember to send all files in PDF format for proper duplication.

Mailing Specifications
Printed material to be mailed, particularly if utilizing the College’s Bulk Mail or Business Reply Mail accounts, should be reviewed by the Mailroom at extension 3227, as these pieces must be designed and produced according to specific U.S. Postal Service guidelines.

Helpful Hints

  • Printing generally involves different paper and more processes in preparation, reproduction and finishing than does routine copying. Advance planning is the key to a successful printing project.
  • Please provide Reprographics with a “Print Ready” original. A clean copy, straight text, even columns, and paginated will contribute to the quality of the final product with a faster turnaround.
  • Remove all post it notes, staples and paperclips.
  • No copies will be made from the glass. Any copies from books or magazines need to be made by requester and placed in the original copy. 
  • Do not fold originals
  • Proofread the material several times before submitting. The Reprographics staff is not responsible for style, accuracy, grammar, corrections or spelling of material.
  • Please review the amount of copies needed before requesting your job. Many people under/overestimate the quantity of pieces they need.

Delivery and Pickup
Completed work is delivered if requested in the A.M.

Walk-In Jobs
Allow enough time before your class when bringing walk-in jobs, as the copy machines or staff might be occupied with other copy jobs that are time sensitive and cannot be interrupted.

Business Cards
The Office of Design Services performs the designs and preparation of print-ready artwork for business cards. Please complete a Business Card request form and forward to Janice Awerbuch-Director of Design Services.

Letterhead and Envelopes 
Reprographics does not maintain supplies of College of Staten Island letterhead and envelopes for all departments. These items can be ordered by completing a Reprographics Request Form, attaching a sample and submitting it to the Print Shop office in Building 1M-204. All changes to Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes must go through Design Services.


  • The Print Shop is equipped with the following:
  • Hamada 665-Two Color Offset-Portrait format
  • Hamada Two Color Offset Press-11 x 17 & landscape formats
  • Hamada 665 Two Color Envelope Press
  • Challenge Cutter
  • Baum Pro Folder
  • Duplo 10000 Collator, stitcher, folder
  • Challenge Paper Drill
  • Two Digital Duplicating copiers-Oce VP 110 &VP 135
  • One Digital High Speed Large Capacity Color Canon C6010
  • One Digital Konica Minolta copier-Biz Hub 920
  • One Digital B&W Canon copier IRA 8205
  • One Low range Digital Color copier-Canon Image Runner C5255
  • Xante Digital Envelope Press
  • Canon IPF 8400S Large Format Printer
  • Oce CS 9050 Large Format Printer
  • One Digital High Capacity Konica Minolta Color copier-Biz Hub 6500
  • One Xerox Digital High Capacity Color Copier v80
  • Nuarc Camera and Plate maker
  • Tape Binder
  • Laminator
  • Epson Stylus Pro 7600

Emailing Jobs
Please email all jobs to

If you are using a program that allows you to request a receipt, please do so.
If you cannot request a receipt, please contact Reprographics at extension 3234 or 3232 to confirm that your job was received.

If sending jobs via email, please remember to include a Completed Reprographics Request Form. This may be found on-line for your convenience. Any Copyright documentation required (Please see Copyright Policy). Please remember to submit file in PDF format for proper duplication.

Please allow a 2-5 business day turnaround, depending on the material.

Exams are given first priority and will usually be returned the next day depending on the time they are received.