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Global Kitchen Lecture Series - Topic: Making Nigeria Coconut Rice

Each session will look at a different tradition of culinary activity, through the lens of local heritage cultures.  Each presenter will explain the defining produce, herbs, and spices, and share their unique story. They will lead the audience through a 30-minute recipe, with ingredients shared in advance, so the audience can participate.

Topic: Making Nigerian Coconut Rice

With Tobore Edema, an International student from Nigeria

Ingredients: white rice, coconut milk, spring onions, medium red onions, ginger root or ginger paste, lemongrass (optional), black pepper, dried basil leaves, salt or seasoning cubes, black pepper, coconut oil or any cooking oil, and chicken stock (optional).

This is a PG CLUE event.

Contact with your full name and Empl ID if you need a PG CLUE or have any questions.

Feb 23 2021 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm