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Undergraduate Reactivation Request Form

Office of Recruitment & Admissions
The College Of Staten Island
2800 Victory Boulevard 2A-103
Staten Island, New York 10314

First day of Fall 2017 classes is August 25, 2017.

Please contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions if you have any questions.

Reactivation Request for:

* Please complete this form if you were previously admitted to the College of Staten Island (CSI) but never attended and you would like your application reprocessed for the upcoming semester. If you've attended CSI, please visit the Registrar's Office (2A-107) and submit Application for Undergraduate Readmission.

If you were admitted a year (two semesters) or more ago, a new application fee will be required. If you attended a CUNY College the semester immediately prior to the semester you wish to attend CSI, no application fee is required.

If you were originally admitted as a freshman student and chose to attend another college, you will be required to complete a transfer application and pay a $70.00 application fee. Applications must be filed on-line at

Personal Information
First Name:

Last Name:

Middle Initial:

Last 4 of Social Security Number:
(If changed, you must bring in original Social Security Card as proof to 2A-103)

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Street:   Apartment:

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Telephone: Please enter as (###)-###-####

Date of Birth: Please enter as MM/DD/YYYY


Semester you were last admitted to CSI:   

Have you attended another college/university?
Yes, I have attended another college/university since I was last enrolled at the College of Staten Island

If you have attended another college since you were last admitted to CSI, complete the information below and request an official college transcript to be sent to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, 2800 Victory Blvd, 2A-103, Staten Island, New York 10314. All supporting application documents will be submitted to our University Application Processing Center (UAPC).

Name of College Dates of Attendance Number of Credits Earned
and/or in Progress


I hereby certify that all the information on this application is accurate and complete.

Signature (check box for electronic signature) Date: 02/25/2017

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