Okay, you’ve made it halfway through your educational endeavors and I must say I’m so proud of you.  At this point you have earned 45 credits, have declared your major and have been transitioned to your academic department to begin your mentorship with your faculty advisor until you graduate.

During these next few years you will make decisions that will prepare and offer you the opportunity to position yourself for entry into those careers and/or graduate programs that appeal
to you.  This is the time to ensure that you take advantage of any relevant student leadership, study abroad, internships and service learning opportunities that are afforded to you.

As you complete this second road of your journey, your goal is more complex.  It involves utilization of those communication, critical analysis and networking skills that you have been developing throughout your General Education studies.  Your agenda is:

  • To find a mentor who will support you through those educational endeavors which will lead you to graduation;
  • To become involved in extended learning opportunities that will allow you to refine your current skills and to develop new ones;
  • To brainstorm, research and implement a plan that will allow you to accomplish those educational/career goals that you will like to obtain during your next five years.
  • To complete all processes which are required to allow you to obtain your degree and advance your educational/career agenda.

Hold on to your seatbelt.  These years are about to fly by.