CSI is on the move and much has probably changed since you were last here.  To keep our curricula current and progressive, the College must periodically change its degree requirements for accreditation purposes.  As a result, it’s imperative that you reacquaint yourself with CSI’s current operating principles.

If you are returning with 45 or more earned degree bearing credits, you must declare a major before you are authorized to register for classes.  Additionally, a faculty advisor within your academic department will mentor until you graduate.  All other undergraduate readmit students are advised by the Center for Advising & Academic Success (CAAS) until they have earned 44 degree credits.

We recognize that oftentimes readmit students have significant life challenges which compete for their valuable time and resources; and too, that also may hinder their timely academic progression.  Therefore, we urge you to meet with an advisor as soon as possible to discuss any Major, Minor and General Education updates that might be pertinent to you; and that are based upon your readmission status, due to the longevity of your absence.

We are pleased to have you back and look forward to witnessing your academic success.

Welcome Back!