All Workshops are PG CLUE

Mindfulness for Your Success      
Monday,   March 18                                        11:15 am - 12:05 pm               Room 1L-110
Staying mindful of yourself is an important step to success for every student.  This workshop will focus on your personal well-being, highlighting self-care techniques such as deep breathing and ways to stay grounded.  You will learn simple exercises for awareness and focus to help you manage stress in your life and ensure your college career is a healthy balance of hard work and enjoyment.
Procrastination Station: Tips on How to Combat Your Procrastinating Habits  
Tuesday,   March 19                                        12:20 pm - 1:10 pm                 Room  1L-110
Do you wait until the last minute to complete an assignment? Do you tell yourself “I work better under pressure” or “I’ll get to it another time?” However, do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of uncompleted work you have accumu¬lated? If so, attend the Procrastination Station workshop. Students will be provided with tips and supplements on time management and how to overcome procrastination.
Kicking Off the Semester with Positive Self Talk  
Thursday, March 21                                       1:25 pm - 2:15 pm                 Room 1A-107
Positive self-talk is a technique used mainly by athletes while in training to have a better performance during competition. Likewise, this skill can be used by students. Starting off the semester can be overwhelming, but by using positive self-talk, you may experience a better  outcome. Positive self-talk can be used before or after a test, a presentation, a class, or any  challenging situation to help calm anxiety that may prevent you from performing successfully.
Reach For Success through Blackboard

The Counseling Center is pleased to announce its Online Resource Center for Probation Students. This website provides a variety of suggestions and resources for maximizing your academic experience. View on-line Academic Success videos, complete an on-line probation quiz, read about helpful strategies, or download a free planner. You can access it through the CUNY Portal by clicking on the Blackboard link.

Students on probation can also e-mail academic counselors with questions and concerns at: