Who must take the tests?

All new students entering CSI must demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics prior to registration. Some students may satisfy this requirement by achieving the necessary scores on Regents, ACT, or SAT exams. For more detailed information please go to the CUNY Portal. All others are required to take the CUNY Assessment Exams after they have been admitted.  Students who transfer to CSI may be exempt based on prior coursework completed or are required to take the tests and be placed at the appropriate skills levels (click here for more information). Holders of a Bachelor's degree from a North American College or University beginning a second degree program are exempted from the tests. However, they may need to take the Math Placement test if they need additional work in Mathematics.

Where and when are the tests given?

The tests are administered by the CSI College Testing Office (South Administration Building, Room 104; tel.: 718.982.2380). New students are scheduled to take the tests by mail, upon admission. The three tests may take as much as four hours in total to complete. Students who have difficulty with the length of the testing session should contact the College Testing Office about this issue.

What can students do to prepare for the tests?

The tests are intended to measure skills that students are expected to have practiced in the course of their high school training. Students may want, in any case, to practice their reading, writing and mathematics skills beforehand. Descriptions of the tests and sample questions are included on the CUNY web site. Additional informational materials are available at the College Testing Office.

What should students bring with them to the tests?

Students should bring their Social Security card, a picture I.D. (such as a driver's license), a pen, and a #2 pencil for the reading and mathematics tests. Students may not bring books, papers, or computational devices (such as electronic calculators) of any kind to use during the test and must not give or receive help during the test. Persons who violate these rules will be disqualified from satisfying the CUNY standards at the testing session.

What happens to students who meet the CUNY standards?

Students who meet the standards of the CUNY tests are ready to enroll in college level courses required by the college or chosen because of their own academic interests. However, individual courses at the College of Staten Island may require scores on the assessment tests which are higher than those which satisfy the basic proficiency standard. The relevant information is available in the college's publications (catalogue, schedule of courses).

What happens to students who do not meet the CUNY standards?

Students who do not meet the CUNY standards in one or more areas should enroll in the basic skills programs which CSI offers. Such programs could be summer or January intercession immersion programs, remedial courses during the regular academic semester, or formal tutoring. Re-testing will take place at the end of such interventions.  Please note that CSI students are expected to pass the three Assessment tests by the end of the first academic year (the end of the second academic semester). Students for whom English is a second language and who so identified by the University rules may have additional time to pass the basic skills tests in reading and writing.

What are the rules for late testing?

Requests for a new test date based on schedule conflicts, illness, or accident are handled by the CSI College Testing Office (718.982.2380).

How are students notified of the test results?

New students are informed of their test results at their appointment with an academic advisor. Continuing students receive their test results from their remedial or immersion instructors. Due to privacy concerns, test scores will not be given out by telephone.

How can test results be appealed?

New students who failed any of the tests are not routinely re-tested. They need to take advantage of the basic skills programs offered by the college before re-testing.  Special requests for retest or for essay review must be made in writing to the College Testing Office. If a request is approved, the college will retest the student or undertake essay review as soon as possible.

Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs which can affect their test performance should contact the Office of the Disability Services to make appropriate arrangements for testing. The telephone number of that office is 718.982.2510.