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Search Procedures for Faculty and Staff

For information on posting jobs, please contact the
Office of Human Resources for all non-faculty positions.

For faculty postings, please contact the appropriate Academic Affairs office listed below:


Please be sure to complete the Recruitment Plan and Search Committee Membership Form.

Once a new job posting has been approved in CUNYfirst, the Office of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) will email a Recruitment Packet, the new CUNY Search Guide: Resources for Conducting a Successful Search, and the TAM Reference Guide: Performing Search Committee Tasks to the chairperson of a recruitment search committee. These documents provide guidance concerning the duties and responsibilities of the committee. Please contact the Office of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for copies.
Near the closing of the CUNYfirst job posting or before review of applications begins, the search committee chairperson is required to contact the ODC to schedule a recruitment search charge meeting in which all members of the committee must attend.  Please note that the search committee chairperson should contact all committee members and the ODC to discern their availability with potential dates, times, and to determine a meeting location. 

The ODC Director and a representative from Human Resources (HR) must meet with all members of the search committee to make certain that the hiring process affords all qualified applicants equal opportunity and access.      

During the charge meeting, the parties will discuss the Department/Division’s current status related to employees who are women, from federally protected groups, and Italian American, as well as best practices throughout the recruitment process.  The ODC Director and HR representative will also review the following compliance documents:

  • The CUNYfirst Recruiting Analysis of the applicants (The self-identification process is now completed entirely through CUNYfirst). 
  • The Roles of the Search Committee which outline the duties and responsibilities of the search chair, ODC representative and the search committee as a whole.
  • The Applicant Flow Log is distributed by HR or the designated recruiter in electronic format after the search has closed and will include all applicants for this position. This document must be completed by the search committee chairperson and submitted to the ODC for approval prior to the scheduling of any interviews.  Interviews must not be conducted before this approval.
  • A Guide for Interview Questions
  • Interview/Final Candidate Log must be submitted to the ODC for approval after phone and in-person interviews have been conducted and are referred to the Hiring Official.
  • The Search Documentation Data Form must be submitted to the ODC for certification at the end of the search process.  Federal and CUNY regulations require documentation of recruitment efforts.  This form must be completed by the search committee chairperson and forwarded to the Hiring Official for signature.  Please note for all searches the final candidate’s signed offer letter must be attached to this form.
  • The Search Activities Checklist which is a guide for the search committee after the charge meeting takes place.    


The ODC looks forward to working with you throughout the search process.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns: 718.982.2250.